Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2016

After a year of cost-cutting, many companies are improving their bottom lines at the expense of their top lines.

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Usually, our Top 100© table shows a healthy food and beverage industry with sales and profits on the rise – as should be expected in a year in which the country’s overall economy is plugging along, albeit without setting records. Look a little closer at the figures and the underlying situations, and we see an industry struggling to achieve growth. Especially among the bigger firms. Only one of the 16 largest companies saw sales grow appreciably in 2015, and that company, Tyson, did so mostly through a huge acquisition. All the others undoubtedly made some acquisitions in the past year, which didn’t do enough to prop up sales. Tyson, by the way, is the new No. 1…

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What are food & beverage companies reading?

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