2015 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook

Processors are up against four very big and very real consumer-related issues in 2015.

Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief
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Looking both forward and backward from the vantage point of New Year's Eve, 2014 may well be remembered as the calm before the storms of 2015. Several big issues loom for the food and beverage industry. All of them went begging for solution in the old year but look to be headed for some degree of resolution in 2015: Ban on partially hydrogenated oils 2015 Dietary Guidelines National policy on GMOs Greater transparency All are strongly consumer-oriented and all have the potential to profoundly change the way you formulate your products ... and do business. Some old adage says every challenge also carries opportunity, but these look to be purely challenges, forced changes…

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The Food Leaders Summit 2015

Join your industry peers April 27-29 to look closely at the transformative changes impacting every asect of the food industry -- and work collaboratively to succeed in this new environment.  Attend the event.

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The Food Leaders Summit 2015

April 27-29, 2015, Chicago, Ill.

The Food Leaders Summit is your opportunity to look closely at the transformative changes impacting every asect of the food industry -- and work collaboratively with your industry peers to succeed in this new environment.

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