Food Processing Awards Two Processors Green Plant of the Year Status for 2015

This year, the contenders were so well represented and loved, that we're introducing our very first co-Green Plants of the Year.

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A funny thing happened on our way to having you pick our sixth annual Green Plant of the Year. As we've done in the past, we asked you to choose among the two contenders via a web-based poll … This year, the contenders were so well represented and loved, that we're introducing our very first co-Green Plants of the Year. Back in June, we whittled the nominations down to two: Kraft Heinz's Planters facility in Fort Smith, Ark., and Tasteful Selections, a potato processor in Arvin, Calif. We asked them for 200-word essays to help familiarize you with their efforts. Then we put both essays and a poll on our website during July, and 899 of you voted. (Thank you!) This…

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What are the Top Food & Beverage Companies reading?

Food Processing Top 100

Food Processing's annual list of the top 100 food and beverage companies in the United States and Canada is the only list of its kind. Nowhere else can you sort manufacturers by sales, rank or income all in one place. See the interactive list.

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Get Your Dose of Humor

According to Dr. Food, an apple a day keeps the funny in check. Give your funny bone a tickle with our September 2015 cartoon. Submit your cartoon caption today.

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SmartIndustry Conference

October 5–7, 2015

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is no longer a futuristic notion. Those that are embracing IIoT now are realizing positive, near-term benefits and creating a competitive advantage in the market. Are you prepared? No matter where your company is on the path to IIoT initiatives, the Smart Industry Conference & Expo will deliver critical information to help you plan, execute and optimize your IIoT implementation.

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