Examining the Global Supply Chain

As the global flow of raw materials and packaged goods increases, the benefits and needs of visibility to the food supply chain are crystallizing.

Kevin T. Higgins, Managing Editor
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The reception in some quarters was less than enthusiastic when a report comparing food traceability regulations in 20 nations was released. Written by the Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC), the report weighed factors such as mandatory traceability regulations in each country, whether or not an electronic traceability database exists and the documentation requirements for imported products. All 13 European countries studied were judged to have superior visibility into their supply chains, while China’s was called poor. The six deemed average included the U.S., one of only two beef exporters without a national cattle identification system and a country where…

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The Food Leaders Summit 2015

Join your industry peers April 27-29 to look closely at the transformative changes impacting every asect of the food industry -- and work collaboratively to succeed in this new environment.  Attend the event.

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The Food Leaders Summit 2015

April 27-29, 2015, Chicago, Ill.

The Food Leaders Summit is your opportunity to look closely at the transformative changes impacting every asect of the food industry -- and work collaboratively with your industry peers to succeed in this new environment.

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