2015 R&D Teams of the Year: Healthful, Authentic, Wholesome

While often used together, those terms separately describe our 2015 R&D Teams of the Year: Bolthouse Farms, Ruiz Foods and Among Friends.

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This year's R&D Teams of the Year are symbolic of current trends in the food & beverage industry. Many companies are moving toward healthful, authentic, wholesome (and free-from) foods, and Bolthouse Farms, Ruiz Foods and Among Friends perfectly capture those trends – although somewhat separately. Bolthouse started as a carrot farm and remains committed to fruits and vegetables, even though its acquisition by Campbell Soup nudges the unit into salad dressings, premium juices, children's snacks and even almond milk. Ruiz Foods is a classic ethnic-family business story, with the third generation putting modern and convenient spins on its Mexican food roots.

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