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  • You're a What? 'Research Chef' Defined

    In this article from Occupational Outlook Quarterly, chef Anne Albertine of Taco Bell restaurants explains what it means to be a research chef and what's great about her job. Click "Download Now" below to receive your copy in .pdf form.

  • Without a trace

    Now that mad cow has arrived in the U.S., USDA is scrambling to implement a nationwide animal tracing program. What the agency has in mind could benefit processors of all kinds.

  • Who’s your future retail partner?

    With traditional grocery retailing in question, does the future belong to big-box supercenters, dollar stores or drug retailers? Food manufacturers need to make choices about where it makes sense to play.

  • We're not in Kansas anymore

    Food processors must show farmers what food products are needed now and what will be needed in the future. So writes Don Nugent, president/CEO of Graceland Fruit.

    By Don Nugent, President & CEO of Graceland Fruit, Inc.
  • Uniformity

    Uniform services play a vital role in plant safety and sanitation programs

  • Trend Compression

    Wolfgang Puck (left) was perhaps the first superstar restaurant chef to bridge the gulf to processed foods. Food Creation editor David Feder, R.D., reflects.

  • Top 100: Grow Focused

    Getting bigger once was the perceived solution to many food industry problems. With obesity concerns, fad diets and rising commodity prices looming, analysts are valuing focus over size.

  • Time to change your oil

    There are good fats and bad fats; next year, trans fats are going to be very bad.

  • Thompson’s take on bioterrorism

    It was the quote heard 'round the world: “I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do,” HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson told reporters recently. Digital Managing Editor Heidi Parsons examines Thompson’s concerns.

  • The yin and yang of emulsifiers

    Perfectly whole, in the Chinese sense of the word, their dual nature helps reformulate for low-carbohydrate and trans fat-free claims.

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