Blues Breakers Shelf-Stable Natural Blue Colorant Profile

Ingredient Profile: Blues Breakers

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D.D. Williamson Inc. and Anaheim, Calif.-based colorMaker Inc. announce the development of a new, naturally derived blue colorant, available in either liquid or powdered form. The new colorant achieves an industry breakthrough by enabling food product developers to obtain a shelf-stable, natural blue hue at a lower pH than conventional anthocyanin colorants. This innovation will increase the range of foods that can be formulated with a natural (non-synthetic) blue colorant. The water-soluble colorant, derived from anthocyanins extracted from vegetable juice, is patented and exhibits a shelf-stable blue hue at pH 5.5 to 8.0; whereas, anthocyanins normally demonstrate a faded and unstable purple hue at pH 5.5.

D.D. Williamson Inc.; Louisville, Ky.;

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