Ingredient Round Up: July 2008 - Gums, Hydrocolloids, and Emulsifiers

July's Ingredient Round Up sticks to it. Also features additional online content.

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Peptides for muscle recovery
PeptoPro is a novel ingredient for the formulation of protein-based sports drinks. It contains 70-80 percent small di- and tri-peptides, which are directly absorbed without digestion. Natural food protein is too big to be absorbed by the human gut – it must first be broken down into smaller pieces. But the di- and tri-peptides can be used immediately by the body. In addition, in combination with carbohydrates (sugar) after exercise, they stimulate the production of insulin so muscle cells can use the glucose in the blood faster and better, resulting in faster muscle refueling and energy recovery.
DSM Food Specialties USA; Parsippany, N.J.

Toasted buttery flavor
Consumers love the rich taste of butter but are hesitant to use it because of its caloric content. Now, food processors and foodservice operators will be able to give their customers what they want with the help a new savory flavor – Golden Toasted Butter. This versatile, dry flavor delivers the authentic taste of sweet cream butter that’s been slightly toasted in an oven. It can be used to replace the flavor delivered by toasted butter in any application at a fraction of the cost and adds few or no calories to the finished product. It can be used in a variety of applications including vegetables, soups, batters, gravies, snacks, breads and pastries.
Kraft Food Ingredients Corp.; Memphis, Tenn.

Healthy leavening
Levona is a new leavening agent that is calcium enriched and has zero sodium. This nutrition-enhancing technology delivers a clean flavor profile in foods. The food industry is always looking at ways to produce a healthier product, one aspect of which is reduction in sodium content. Sodium is believed to be a contributor to cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and stroke. This product enables food manufacturers to formulate products that can carry healthy messages such as “low sodium” and “a good source of calcium” without compromising flavor, volume, texture and convenience.
ICL Performance Products; St. Louis

Buttery without diacetyl
Ed-Vantage is a line of non-diacetyl dairy flavors, which provides the mouthfeel, aroma and buttery flavor that are characteristic of diacetyl-containing products but with a clean label. Evaluation of the flavors in microwave popcorn, cookies, sauces, dips, desserts, beverages, etc., shows the buttery notes of diacetyl can be effectively reproduced by these non-diacetyl flavors. The line also is free of dairy allergens, is non-GMO and is more cost-stable than those subject to the currently escalating dairy commodities market.
Edlong Dairy Flavors; Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Darker caramel
New Caramel Color 570 measures 35 percent higher in color intensity than the vendor’s previous class one liquid caramel in North America, making it the darkest class one (“plain”) liquid caramel color in the company’s portfolio. The colorant originated in Europe, where it’s been widely used in alcoholic beverages. Applications include flavors, cooked meat/poultry, breakfast cereals, bakery/dessert toppings and other food applications.
D.D. Williamson; Louisville, Ky.

Maple for processing
A patented and proprietary process expands the industrial use of pure maple syrup flavor profiles through three new products. Clearly Maple begins as a pure maple syrup, which is altered using a processing aid that is added — then removed — to create a higher invert sugar content. The resulting product is honey-like in consistency and made of only pure maple syrup. Maple Butter is essentially Clearly Maple that has been whipped into a matrix of microscopic crystals giving it a rich, creamy look and intense maple flavor profile. Both are shelf-stable, equally versatile as spreads or baking ingredients. Pure Maple Syrup Concentrate is similarly derived from pure maple syrup.
Citadelle; Plessisville, Québec

Instant solution for instant foods
Ultra-Tex Sr is a new premium waxy maize-based starch that is suitable for instant food preparations subjected to extreme processing conditions. It can withstand intense heat, acid, high shear and low pH processing conditions, and is one of three new cold-water swelling starches in the Ultra Series of dispersible starches created to meet the cold prep-processing needs of food formulators. Ultra Series starches enable the cold-processing of foods such as mayonnaise and high quality low-fat dressings and eliminate the need for the blending of dry ingredients. Ultra-Tex Sr has excellent cold temperature storage stability in refrigerated and frozen products, maintains high viscosity and superior texture where dressing recirculation is required, and in many cases up to 10 percent less starch can be used compared to conventional starches to achieve the same viscosity.

National Starch Food Innovation; Bridgewater, N.J.

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