Nutraceutical-Enhanced Alcoholic Beverages Gaining Popularity

The idea of “better-for-you booze” might seem like an oxymoron, but brewers and distillers are toasting the emerging market for nutraceutical-enhanced alcoholic beverages.

By David Feder, RD, Contributing Editor

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Other phytochemicals are being discovered in aged spirits and are believed to be derived from the wood, such as oak, of the barrels in which they are aged as well as the botanical ingredients from which they are derived.

“Our spirits are better for you and better for the Earth in that we not only make an organic product from organic ingredients but our packaging, too, is from sustainable sources and recycled materials,” explains Paul Davis, president of Maison Jomere Ltd./Organic Spirits Co. (, Plaistow, N.H. “Organic, from any ethical point of view should also be sustainable.”

Although Organic Spirits’ health angle is more about what hasn’t been added than what has, Davis points out the undeniable advantage of a pure, organic product. “Our distillate is totally free of congeners [impurities, such as PCBs or natural but undesired chemical compounds produced or added during fermentation] and virtually free of trace methanol. We infuse this pure distillate with organic botanicals.”

Whether enough phytochemical content from these botanicals ends up in the final product to make a significant difference healthwise requires more research, “but removing negatives,” reminds Davis, “is also a positive.”

This trend is far from a fad. Not only are restaurants and bars clamoring for “better” alcohols, some hotel chains have bought into the long-term value of providing organic and sustainable amenities.

“Marriott are so sincere in their dedication to ‘going green’ they’re working with us to supply them with our organic white rum — made from pure sugar cane from a single plantation in Paraguay — and gin,” says Davis. The company’s organic commitment also extends beyond what’s in the bottle. Its products come in100-percent recycled glass and are packaged in biodegradable packaging.


Sake2me LLC’s self-named Japanese-style sake is a new entrant in the flavored alcoholic beverage category. Inherent health benefits are not apparent, but it trades on the health association of its flavors: Green Tea, Ginger Mango, Asian Pear and Yuzu Citrus.

Last summer, McCormick Distillery Inc. (, launched its brand of eco-friendly spirit, 360 Vodka. 360 is bottled using 85-percent recycled glass and biodegradable packaging. Also, as a part of its overall green efforts, McCormick donates $1 to environmental organizations for every 360 Vodka bottle closure returned through its “360 Close the Loop” program.

Grown from the hardy and healthful agave cactus, tequila is one of the most likely candidates for an organic revolution. But so far the only certified organic tequila readily available is from 4 Copas USA Inc. (, San Clemente, Calif. The company’s multigenerational distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, uses pure blue agave grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Although the health benefits of agave syrup are well known, it remains to be determined if they make it through the distillation process intact. Following other “good for you, good for the Earth” paradigms, 4 Copas also markets a limited edition “sea turtle” bottle with proceeds going to, a non-profit organization for sea turtle conservation research.

While the wine and beer industries have been engaged in promoting their respective health benefits or organic offerings, spirits are a comparative Johnny-come-lately. But the demand for alcohol with a different sort of kick has allowed them to enjoy a healthy share of the healthier-drink marketplace.

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