Food Biz Kids: Air Heads Xtremes

Our seventh and eighth grade panelists deemed the Lemonade Sour Belts sweet, not sour, and awesome.

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Devonte Elcock, 7th grade:
Lemonade Sour Belts taste so good and lemony. I've tasted so many good foods, but this is so amazing because it melts in your mouth and has sourness. This is the best candy I have ever tasted in my life.

Maddie Pope, 7th grade:
I tasted the Air Heads Xtremes Lemonade Sour Belts. The texture is nice/cool because it is like the sugar rocks and then it sticks to your fingers. The smell is not very pleasant and they are very hard to open. I think they would be appealing to all children who enjoy a candy that will eventually sour. In my opinion, it is very good.

Reggie Murphy II, 7th grade:
The packaging is very exciting; I would definitely buy them in the store. The texture is very smooth. After you get the sour dust off, it's sour, but not too sour. It's the perfect sweet, and I definitely will be buying it. But you should have some new flavors.

Erica Gardner, 7th grade:
These Air Head Xtremes Lemonade Sour Belts taste just like lemons. They start off sour, but once you begin eating them, they become sweet. They feel kind of bumpy because of the sour stuff on them. They smell good, and I think they would be appealing to people. Overall, they're really good and are nice and tasty.

Alex Mcowen, 7th grade:
When you first look at the packaging, it looks like a piece of the candy with its yellow and pink stripes. The Air Heads Xtremes Lemonade Sour Belts taste very sweet, but not very sour. Still, they are really delicious and a great candy. I think these would appeal to children of all ages, and maybe some adults because of the great taste. I would highly recommend this product.

Rakael Fidis, 7th grade:
The packaging of this treat is very enthusiastic; it makes you want to buy it. When I ate it, the sour sprinkles tingled on my tongue; it was really good! I could really taste the lemonade. My brother buys these a lot. He's nine, and they seem to really appeal to him. Children would mainly buy this product.

Loudon Cohen, 7th grade:
I think the Lemonade Sour Xtremes Air Heads are delicious. The taste, texture and smell all are perfect. However, the name is misleading because the flavor isn't at all sour. But I still enjoyed them very much.

Juliette Shesgreen, 7th grade:
Air Heads Xtremes Sour Belts have a colorful look that is tempting to any buyer. The cover might say that it is sour, but that is misleading. Though that is true, it is very much worth tasting. I also smells very bad and unpleasant. Any child, teen or even an adult would purchase these.

Nick Giangreco, 7th grade:
I have had Air Heads Extremes, and although these are good, the Rainbow ones are bad. The texture has way too much powder. The color is appetizing and makes me want it. The chewyness is delicious and I'd eat them.

Cece Martin, 7th grade:
Air Head Xtremes are very good. I think most children would buy them. But they are not that sour. I think the packaging is very easy to open and can be moved easily. I also like the colors of the package. There isn't a very big smell to them though. They are very fun to eat and can be eaten in different ways.

Nick Pigozzi, 7th grade:
The packaging for the product is very appealing and colorful. The candy is sweet with a sour coating and the taste is great. It really lives up to its name – sour, and the taste of lemonade. I like this product a lot. I would suggest it to any kid.

Tatyana Young, 7th grade: 
Xtreme Air Heads are very nasty. I would not buy it from the store, because they are nasty. I mean maybe you like them, but I don't. They taste like they have lemon in them; they are pink and yellow and are patterned. They kind of taste like Sour Patches.
Sullivan Friebus, 7th grade:
This product is very good. When I saw it, I thought 'Oh, this is gonna take forever to open.' But it was very easy to open. The Sour Belts weren't that sour, but tasted very good. The product is also very easy to take out of the package. In conclusion, this is a very good product.
Natalie Bahmandeji, 7th grade:
I think Air Head Xtremes is good tasting and appeal to kids. The packaging is colorful and fun, which easily attracts children. It smells the way it tastes, which is good – like lemons. It has a good amount of sugar on them, and there's a fair amount of strips in the package. The only problem is that the package says they are sour, but really they're not sour at all, they are sweet.

Jeffrey Brown, 7th grade:
I think the packaging would appeal to little kids. I also think that it's not really as sour as it looks like it should be. This is for people who really like candy. It advertises mostly to kids. If I had a chance to buy candy, I would most likely want to have this.

Sucheta Bandyopadhyay, 7th grade:  
Sour and sweet, they're the best candy ever. There is sugar all over them and they are chewy! The packaging is in a plastic container kind of thing. Old people would definitely not want it. This product is for young people ONLY!

Sebastian Perez, 7th grade:
I think that anyone would like this product. The only bad thing is they aren't really sour; they taste like lemonade. The texture is chewy and delicious. The packaging will attract the buyer because of the vibrant colors. I would buy this again; it's very good.

Rae Killebrew, 7th grade:  
The product has a very sweet taste. When you first get it, it kinda sizzles on your tongue and the texture is sticky. This kind of product would appeal to 10-20-year-olds. This is a good product that will sell very well.

Mario Villegas, 7th grade:

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