New Ingredients, New Names at IFT 2013

July's mostly-ingredient show was the association's second largest.

By Food Processing Staff

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NFE-PY sounds clinical but the Natural Flavor Enhancer with Powdered Yeast extract (now you get it?) imparted that umami punch in everything from Italian beef sandwiches to, believe it or not, caramel sauce in the booth of Kikkoman Sales USA. The foundation is the company's fabled soy sauce, but processed to create a neutral but savory taste booster, surprisingly low in sodium and with myriad applications.

Gum Technology was passing out gluten-free brownies made with GumPlete SXCT-GF-707, a mixture of xanthan, carageenan and tara. The "complete stabilizing system," plus tapioca flour, rice flour and citrus fiber, mimicked the texture of a full-gluten brownie.

"Smart energy management" is a topic we usually deal with in our Plant Operations section. But to Beneo it means the company's specialty carbohydrates and prebiotic fibers. Studies show Palatinose, its brand of isomaltulose, a low-glycemic sweetener derived from sugar beets, helps the body burn fat more effectively as an energy source when under physical activity. That's why Palatinose is the key ingredient in Nth Degree's recent eponymous energy/performance drink. Prebiotic fiber Orafti, a chicory inulin-type fructan, helps curb appetite and assist in weight management.

P.L. Thomas is representing a number of novel new ingredients. Zembrin is an "experiential" ingredient said to relieve stress, elevate mood, enhance cognition and promote calm. It was awarded the "first Export and Bioprospecting permit by the South African government," which is where the botanical comes from. Wellmune WGP is manufactured by Biothera and while also having some stress-related health claims focuses on improving immune systems.

While it's mostly about ingredients, the IFT Show has a significant equipment vendor presence. Food safety and product consistency get their due in equipment improvements from Buhler Aeroglide. Uniform heat and airflow distribution for better product consistency is provided with a dual plenum design that eliminates the need for diffuser plates in Aeroglide's roaster for nuts, seeds and other foods. Both the roaster and the AeroDry SD+ dryer have been enhanced with sanitary features for faster cleaning, such as full welds and pitched surfaces to eliminate water pooling.

Viterra Canola Processing was displaying its verraUltra and verraUltra9 oils. Both are natural, certified non-GMO canola oils with improved formulating characteristics. Ultra9 has omega-9 oils, based on Dow AgroSciences seed, with high oleic content (70 percent minimum) but low linolenic (3 percent maximum).

Stevia supplier Sweet Green Fields spent three years tinkering with composition ratios to come up with Optesse HPX, a proprietary composition of purified steviol glycosides. The company says its ideal for formulations with more complex or acidic flavor systems when developing a zero- or mid-calorie product.

Previously, about all you could do with dehydrated chicken powder was to use it in a stock or a sachet for ramen noodles. But with new interest in protein and natural foods, IDF (International Dehydrated Foods Inc.) is marketing versions to makers of performance foods, snacks and ready meals, including pasta. At the show, IDF was sampling a high-protein pasta and smoothie made with the company's High-Protein Chicken Powder.

In addition to promoting its Exberry line of color additives from natural sources, GNT USA revealed it petitioned the FDA for approval for a blue colorant made from spirulina.

Wild Flavors for a few years has been promoting its H.I.T.S. (health ingredient technology and solutions) approach. The company this year added "RPM Factors for Sports Nutrition, "a clinically tested, cost-competitive milk peptide [a bioactive whey protein concentrate] that supports sports nutrition and is easily incorporated into food and beverage products with minimal impact on taste, color and texture."

With perhaps the broadest ingredient portfolio, Cargill Inc. applied products such as its Horizon Milling WheatSelect flour, Clear Valley shortening, Safar modified food starch, Truvia stevia sweetener, Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber and Wilbur chocolate to a whole-grain chocolate chip cookie that meets the Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative standards for grain items, with 10g of whole grains and a "good source" of fiber claim. Seven other tasty products were similarly nutritiously constructed.

ConAgra Mills continues to evolve its Ultragrain product base. The whole wheat flour with the taste, texture and appearance of regular flour already evolved into Ulgtragrain High Performance (with better gluten strength, absorption and mixing tolerance) and Ultragrain Pasta. This year Ultragrain Pasta Plus debuted, a protein-enriched line somewhat targeted to school lunch needs, enabling an "excellent source" claim for fiber and "good source" claim for protein.

Minsa is a Mexican company that made its IFT debut last year. Its specialty is a wide variety of corn flour products, some of which can be certified as organic or non-GMO. Corn sources can be white, blue, red or yellow maize, and solutions can be customized for flat breads, bakery, cereals, snacks and pastas.

Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings handed out two fellow ConAgra products: Slim Jim Dare Kinda Hot Chili Pepper (featuring SFS' chili pepper seasoning blend) and Marie Callender's Easy Side Parmesan (that uses SFS' parmesan seasoning blend, beef flavor and sour cream flavor).

Penford Food Ingredients Co., a leading potato-starch processor, has expanded its enzymatic technology to include PenNovo 03, a line of emulsifying starches that serve as caseinate replacements, and PenNovo MD, a line of non-GMO maltodextrins that build solids and provide minimal viscosity while serving as flavor carriers in foods.

Is that vanilla extract really from Madagascar? Raw material analysis moves from lab-based testing to raw materials receiving with PerkinElmer's Spectrum Two, a portable instrument for spectroscopic analysis using Fourier transform infrared. Results of chemical analyses are generated in minutes by laymen with a simple red-green readout. The instrument's software stores material data for long-time monitoring. With its advanced power management system, Spectrum Two requires 76 percent less energy and is 79 percent lighter at 26.4 lbs. than the PE Rx spectrometer. Milk powder analysis will be possible in September.

Forget those bittersweet memories of how stevia used to taste. Reb-B steviol glycosides, separation and purification of elements in the stevia leaf can now be characterized, as the software segment might say, as Stevia 3.0, according to PureCircle. The Malaysia-based supplier of high-intensity sweeteners describes 3.0 as a portfolio of sweeteners, including sugar blends and rebaudioside-A, for a variety of applications. U.S. consumer acceptance has topped 60 percent, the firm claims, and PureCircle is working directly with some of the largest beverage and food companies to develop successful formulations.

With price spikes looming and supply shortages possible, two-fold pure vanilla extract may become a luxury many food manufacturers will no longer be able to afford. Instead of switching to vanilla flavors, product formulators can blunt cost increases with Vanilla Bold from Synergy, a single-fold extract that packs the flavor punch of two-fold. The company credits new extraction and handling methods that pull more of the flavor out of the vanilla beans without reliance on chemical extraction.

Preconfigured programs for business processes, training materials and other ERP elements will help food & beverage companies hit the ground running faster and for less cost, thanks to Infor's Implementation Accelerator. It is the latest enhancement to M3, the ERP package Infor acquired in the purchase of Lawson Software in 2011. One of the package's hallmarks is eTrace, a track & trace solution.

Six of the most popular ionization and deionization resins for food filtration are assembled in a kit containing 250 ml samples from Dow Water & Process. The ion exchange resins can add or subtract various elements from a fluid stream, and the kit is intended to kick-start process changes and speed up the transition from R&D to commercial use.

Whether an undesirable off-flavor needs to be masked or a pleasing taste needs to be highlighted, Sensient Flavors has a portfolio of extraction and filtration technologies that can deliver via chromatography and without solvents. The firm provides value-added flavor systems for savory snacks, beverages and sweets. A current R&D focus involves extracting the sweet taste of honey and molasses while leaving behind the calories.

High-fiber foods and gluten substitutes are booming, with snacks and cereals keying growth to $28 billion in fiber foods by 2018. A label-friendly way to serve those trends is with whole grain corn flour in lieu of white patent flour – provided by Didion Milling.

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