September 2014 Food Funny: Submit Your Caption

Food Processing puts its readers to the test with this light-hearted monthly cartoon caption contest.

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Life is hard. Work is tough. Sometimes we all just need a laugh. That's why at Food Processing, we've created a monthly humor 'column.' Each month, we encourage you, our loyal website readers, to submit your funniest captions to the cartoon we've created.

Take a look at the cartoon below and submit your ideas for a caption. Submit your captions via the form below.

September 2014 Food Funny

Submitted Captions

We've been husked!

Scaring off the competition!

Selective hearing taken to a new level...

Is this really the Yellow Brick Road?

yeah, the conveyor runs and it's even going the right direction

Lucy & Ethel visit Iowa

On this week's Shark Tank-Oz Edition....

Back to the fields, Henry. Ain't no crows around here!

This place is earry..Let's get out of here!

I hope our profits increase so we can afford a real food safety program!

If Laverne & Shirley worked in the swiss cheese factory

How do you like being in the Scarecrow Union so far?

I always wondered what was behind the outhouse.

If this is where cornucopia starts...where are the goats?

I'm telling you, it will get us to the breakroom 10 minutes faster than everyone else!

Replaced by automation. Might as well go back to the cornfield.

So how do they get the corn syrup out of the corn? From the corn syrup milking machine of course!

Ear today, gone tomorrow. This is a corny job


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