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  • The First Food Pyramid Never Worked

    Rather than admit failure, the government acts as if the guidelines have been working and gives us more of the same.

    John L. Stanton, Contributing Editor
  • Bad Science Slams Salt

    Again this year, salt was slammed by both the USDA and the Center for Science in the Public Interest in reports that had all of the trappings of legitimate science, but little - if any - substance.

    David Feder, R.D., Managing Editor
  • Trans Fats Inspire Fear and Loathing

    With the labeling deadline approaching and consumers becoming wary, processors search for substitutes for the functionality of trans fatty acids.

    Kantha Shelke, Ingredients Editor
  • New Health Benefits of Lycopene Discovered

    Lycopene, the disease-protective antioxidant from tomatoes, is showing a wealth of new health benefits. But the best news is, formulators are making it possible to include it in non-tomato-based and even non-savory foods.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • Processors Target Diabetes Control

    Diabetes control is more than just watching sugar intake. Today’s processors put new advances in diabetes science to practical and innovative use.

    Frances Katz, Contributing Editor
  • Science Isn't Black and White

    Science isn't salt and pepper- it's not black and white, says Editor David Feder, in questioning the "science" behind the Center for Science in the Public Interest's recent attack on salt in processed foods.

    David Feder, RD, Editor
  • Functional Beverage Market Grows Aggressively

    Because of the convenience and pleasure they offer, functional beverages are one of the most aggressive growth segments in the health and wellness foods arena.

    Kantha Shelke, Contributing Editor
  • What Makes a Snack Good or Bad?

    Editor David Feder, R.D., wrestles with the question of what makes a snack -- and snacking in general -- "good" or "bad."

    David Feder, R.D., Editor
  • 2005 Readers' Choice Awards

    We asked, you answered, we tallied, et voila! - we proudly announce the winner's of this year's awards competition.

    Wellness Foods Staff
  • In Praise of Smoothies

    Wellness Foods Editor David Feder, R.D., tells tales out of school and the merging of smoothies with meal replacement beverages.

    David Feder, R.D., Editor
  • Gut news: Probiotics

    Food companies and consumers alike are discovering that the benefits of probiotics extend well beyond the intestine.

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