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  • Bad Science Slams Salt

    Again this year, salt was slammed by both the USDA and the Center for Science in the Public Interest in reports that had all of the trappings of legitimate science, but little - if any - substance.

    David Feder, R.D., Managing Editor
  • Trans Fats Inspire Fear and Loathing

    With the labeling deadline approaching and consumers becoming wary, processors search for substitutes for the functionality of trans fatty acids.

    Kantha Shelke, Ingredients Editor
  • New Health Benefits of Lycopene Discovered

    Lycopene, the disease-protective antioxidant from tomatoes, is showing a wealth of new health benefits. But the best news is, formulators are making it possible to include it in non-tomato-based and even non-savory foods.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • Reformulating for Seniors

    What food formulators can do to offset time’s toll on seniors’ taste and smell.

    Frances Katz, Senior Technical Editor
  • Glycemic Index is Not for Everyone

    This month, Dr. Mark Anthony warns us of a new twist on the old low-carb nutrition fad. Handy as it is for diabetics, the Glycemic Index isn't the "be-all and end-all" of carbohydrate nutrition for everyone.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Contributing Editor
  • Obesity Blame Game Targets Advertising

    The Alliance for American Advertising plans to change public perception that advertising makes children obese.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
  • FDA GRAS Exception Explained

    The GRAS exception exists so FDA does not spend valuable resources reviewing things that clearly are safe.

    David Joy, Contributing Editor
  • Using the 2005 FDA Guidelines

    Will you reformulate or repackage your food products to take advantage of the new recommendations?

    Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief
  • Expanding the Definition of Snacks

    We once could have defined the four basic food groups of the snack universe as"sugar, salt, fat and fast." That definition is expanding while the boundaries are disappearing.

    John K. Ashby
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