on 'New Food Products'

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  • Who&rsquo;s your future retail partner?

    With traditional grocery retailing in question, does the future belong to big-box supercenters, dollar stores or drug retailers? Food manufacturers need to make choices about where it makes sense to play.

  • Hooked on seafood

    Opportunities run deep for frozen seafood processors, but establishing a brand connection is difficult. Canned spokesfish Charlie the Tuna is leagues ahead of his frozen brethren when it comes to share of mind.

  • Market View: While the getting is good

    Food marketers should carefully consider how they will enter the low-carb niche and capitalize on this fad

    John L. Stanton, Contributing Editor
  • When the chips are down

    One by one, most Frito-Lay foes have fallen: Will Procter & Gamble's Pringles be next?

  • Why products fail

    New product development cannot be serendipitous; it must be structured and systematic

  • Trouble bubbles for Coke

    A lawsuit and a probe over the cola maker's fountain business leaves a bitter aftertaste in the wake of Vanilla Coke's success

  • Toops Scoops: Uh-oh, I'm 'O'

    Remembering that Michael Jordan is also obese, I felt better and made myself several slices of pizza

  • Your next target market

    They have billions to spend, visit grocery stores five times a week and consider home cooking a cornerstone of their culture. Question is, how to do you appeal to America's growing Hispanic market?

  • Sweeten your pot

    Savvy use of sweeteners can provide your products with a competitive edge

  • Gut news: Probiotics

    Food companies and consumers alike are discovering that the benefits of probiotics extend well beyond the intestine.

  • It's a sweet life

    America's love affair with confectionery is growing--and in new directions

  • Stages and gates

    New product development ideally includes checkpoints that allow team members to evaluate whether the project is, in fact, viable

  • The why behind the buy

    Almost two-thirds of confectionery consumption is driven by emotional needs

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