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  • Fear and Loathing Haunt GMOs

    It's difficult to balance the lack of negative scientific evidence against consumers' right to know what's in their food.

    Rory Gillespie, Contributing Editor
  • Expert Opinion: No Chocolate Crisis

    Recently, the U.S. Chocolate Industry, through its Chocolate Manufacturers Assn., along with 11 other food industry associations, joined a Grocery Manufacturers Assn./Food Products Assn. (GMA/FPA) citizen’s petition asking the FDA for approval to change current standards of identity (SOIs) for a number of food categories.

    Robert Earl, M.P.H., RD., senior director for Nutrition Policy, Grocery Manufacturers Assn./Food Products Assn.
  • Start Out by Cooking an Onion

    So many recipes and flavor formulas begin with that most basic overture, cooking an onion.

    Robert Danhi, CHE, CCP
  • Asia's Many Identities

    History, heritage and more are vital to authentic Asian creations

    Robert Danhi
  • Use Leading KPIs to Spot Trouble

    Does your plant have reliability issues and a hard time meeting production targets? Metrics such as key performance indicators (KPIs), when identified and aligned properly, can save your plant, your job and your career. So grab a pen, open your mind and get ready to learn.

    Ricky Smith, CMRP, Contributing Editor
  • Four Ways for Plant Managers to Optimize Asset Reliability

    Many plant managers aren’t aware of the four ways they can help optimize asset reliability to reduce cost, maximize asset utilization and increase plant capacity. It’s about time they became engaged in the reliability process.

    Ricky Smith, CMRP
  • Salt Unworthy of Being Demonized

    The Salt Institute justifiably asks “Where’s the outrage?” over the lack of fair play in the science media when salt proves yet again unworthy of being demonized.

    Richard L. Hanneman, Salt Institute
  • Potassium is Vital for Critical Body Functions

    Potassium compounds have a history of functionality, such as acting as a buffer or maintaining moisture in protein foods. But the mineral is also needed for critical body functions.

    Rebecca Jensen, contributing editor
  • Vitamin B12 Pumps Up Energy Drinks

    When formulating energy drinks for consumers, beverage manufacturers rely on Vitamin B12.

    Rebecca Jensen, Contributing Editor
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