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  • The Four Bs of Nutraceuticals

    Those of us seeking to add wellness ingredients to our diets have a wealth of choices. Until we get to the actual products, where it seems, with few exceptions, we're restricted to beverages, bars, baked goods and breakfast foods. We need to look at other opportunities processors have to incorporate functional ingredients into the food chain.

    David Feder, R.D., Editor
  • The Future Impact of Nanoingredients

    Nanoingredients will have a profound impact on raw material sourcing for food processing and will radically change how foods affect our physiology.

    Kantha Shelke, Ingredients Editor
  • The Healthiest Ingredient Suppliers

    Wellness Foods announces the winners of its fifth annual Readers’ Choice Awards for the best suppliers of nutritional ingredients.

  • The Importance of Aroma

    Aroma is the first cousin of taste. In fact, much of what we call taste is an intricately entwined matrix of flavor, aroma chemicals and texture or mouthfeel.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor
  • The Importance of Networking Digital Editor Erin Erickson tackles the importance of growing and maintaining a healthy professional network.

    Erin Erickson, Senior Digital Editor
  • The invisible advantage

    They don't often appear on labels, but enzymes can produce highly visible results as substitutes for process chemicals, chemical ingredients and more

  • The Many Flavors of Barbecue

    Barbecue transcends the grilling season, tantalizing consumers' taste buds throughout the year through restaurants and at retail.

    Deborah Cassell, Contributing Editor
  • The N.E.X.T. Big Thing - Food and Beverage Trends

    One of the primary challenges food and beverage marketers face is the conceptualization of innovative products. Whether it's the next generation of energy drinks, a new twist on a classic flavor or reinventing the candy bar as a meal replacement, Wild Flavors is always on the lookout for big product ideas and bold innovations. Where do we begin to explain the 2007 trends? How about kicking things off with the industry's most savvy experts-- WILD's N.E.X.T. Team. Here's a taste of the predictions.

  • The New American Majority

    How food and beverage marketers are targeting Hispanics, Asians and other fast-growing demographic groups.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
  • The New Diabetes Formulation Paradigm

    The recent trend of developing diabetes-specific products that are mainstream and safe enough for regular consumption could transcend all healthy food and beverage categories.

    Kantha Shelke, Ph.D.
  • The New Look of Fiber

    Fiber, as a natural dietary component, continues to garner attention, and as a versatile food additive it can enhance the attraction of almost any product.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor
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