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  • The Antioxidant Balancing Act

    Oxygen is life-giving. But oxygen is also toxic; the same properties that make it necessary make it threatening.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., contributing editor
  • The Basics of Convenience Food

    Time-pressed meal preparers are reaching for meal kits, pre-cooked and pre-cut items and other shortcuts to make a ‘home-cooked meal’ in less time.

    Kantha Shelke, Ingredients Editor
  • The Basics of Phytochemicals

    Imagine thousands of compounds in foods and every one of them good for you. Of course, instead of imagining you could also read this brief overview on these helpful chemical compounds from plants.

    Kathryn Trim
  • The best in plastic packaging

    Food products and their packages -- as well as the technology, processes, equipment and converters behind them -- dominate the DuPont Awards.

  • The Big 12: FDA's Official Health Claims

    We reference the FDA’s officially sanctioned food and ingredient health claims a lot and have had several requests for the complete list. We're providing it below for your reference.

    Food Processing staff
  • The bigger picture

    When working on cross-functional teams, R&D members can see their work in a whole new context

  • The Changing Face of Confections

    As bakers and confectioners deal with low-calorie and gluten-free demands, suppliers suggest novel sweeteners and nuts.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor
  • The Disappearing Middle Class

    Contributing Editor John Stanton suggests that processors may need to learn how to market food to the "have-nots."

    John L. Stanton, Contributing Editor
  • The Evolving Whole Grain

    As grain processing and consumer tastes progress, processors answer with new products.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor
  • The FDA Must Define 'Natural' Soon

    50 different state laws on labeling natural and genetically engineered foods would harm us all.

    Don Butte and Jeffrey Whitesell
  • The FDA's Food Safety Outlook for 2012

    The FDA will be consumed with implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act, with July as a particularly important month.

    Eric Lindstrom, Keller and Heckman LLP
  • The First Food Pyramid Never Worked

    Rather than admit failure, the government acts as if the guidelines have been working and gives us more of the same.

    John L. Stanton, Contributing Editor
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