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  • Power of Repetition Boosts Customer Awareness

    Food processors with branded or private label items in multiple categories can use the psychological power of repetition to boost consumer awareness and possibly even sales.

    Kate Bertrand Connolly, Packaging Editor
  • Focus On: Functional Foods

    Consumers believe food can enhance health but they are not consuming functional foods as a cure for particular health concerns.

    Barbara Katz, HealthFocus International
  • How to Replace Trans Fats

    A year after the labeling deadline, we look at what processors used to replace trans fats, including canola and sunflower oils and trait-enhanced soybeans.

    Kathryn Trim, Contributing Editor
  • Food Allergen Update

    At the end of 2006, FDA issued Edition 4 of its Food Allergen Guidance for Industry.

    Leslie Krasny
  • Rooibos a Hit Among Health-Conscious Consumers

    Rooibos is a hit among health-conscious consumers in the U.S., mostly because of its high level of antioxidants, low level of tannins and lack of caffeine.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • Botanicals Increasingly Interesting to Food Industry

    Botanicals -- nutraceutical ingredients from herbs, seeds, and fruits -- are increasingly interesting to the food industry serving health-conscious consumers demanding “nutritive-value added” food items.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • 2007- The Year of Protein Awareness

    While Americans are not protein-deficient, the nutrient’s roles in food and health are becoming more appreciated, and its connection to satiety is skyrocketing.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • Democrats Eye Regulatory Changes

    We may see the creation of a Food Safety Administration, taking all food safety activities from FDA, USDA and EPA.

    David Joy, Contributing Editor
  • February 2007's Best New Products

    February's best new food products include a candy and video game fusion from Nestle; shelf-stable chicken breasts from Bumble Bee Foods; flavored oven-roasted peanuts from Diamond Foods Inc,; Newman's Own Organics' breath mints; asian noodles and condiments from Ka-Me; and NutriPals Balanced nutrition bars and drinks from Abbott Laboratories.

  • Know When to Leave a Project

    The unspoken truth about projects is that they all come to an end, according to Dirk Willard in this month's Field Notes column. The key, he says, is knowing when to leave.

    Dirk Willard, senior editor
  • Handling Talent Management

    A critical shortage of skilled labor threatens many companies. Research shows that companies that excel in developing talent remain at the top of their industry. Learn how to manage your talent.

    Paul Loftus
  • Nurturing Enthusiasm in the Workplace

    Forget about greed, vanity and the other five. One of the deadliest sins facing the corporate world is boredom. Career consultant John McKee suggests ways to inspire your workforce … and to maintain a sense of adventure about what you do every day.

    John McKee
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