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  • On the Shelf: April 2007

    April's On the Shelf features a product review of Mr. Krisper's Baked Rice Krisps, and information on Attune Yogurt and Granola Wellness Bars, restaurant-quality salad dressings by Sisters ad Brothers, Inc., Extra Virgin Tea Seed Oil, organic whole grain cake mix by Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, and Funster's Mashed Potato Letters.

  • Focus on Eye Health

    Providing specific nutrition for eye health is becoming increasingly important for an aging population.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • Does Soy Have an Advantage Over Dairy?

    Both soy and dairy beverage types are selling briskly based on what they offer consumers. But does one have a leg up on the other?

    Lee Stiffler-Meyer
  • Formulating for Trans Fats

    Food Processing interviews Archer Daniels Midland Co. about its NovaLipid line of zero trans-fat oils.

    Jill Russell, managing editor, digital media
  • Power Lunch: Defense Strategies for Food Liability

    Sound preparation before a food illness outbreak ever happens will help minimize the outbreak and provide legal defense.

    John Hall and Livia Langton, Eckert Seamans Cherin and Mellott LLC
  • Focus On: Age

    Even when general health attitudes are similar, age demographics signal a greater willingness to act on diet choices.

    Barbara Katz, HealthFocus International
  • ADM Lowers Trans Fats, Not Taste

    As the food industry faced the FDA's January 2006 directive to disclose trans-fat content on product labels, ADM knew manufacturers and processors would be seeking new tools to modify formulations. Learn how one company achieved a reformulation that met the uncompromising standards of consumers and the customer itself.

  • April 2007 Equipment Roundup - Pumps and Fluid Handling

    April's equipment round-up features pumps and fluid handling equipment, including coriolis flow meters, single scat valves, centrifugal pumps, multi-pump dispensing systems, and a product exclusive from GE Fanuc.

  • Learn the Basics of Failure Analysis and Risk Mitigation

    As CMMS vendors search for ways to differentiate their products and services in light of increased competition, many have enhanced their offerings to include a variety of powerful failure analysis techniques and risk mitigation strategies. Asset Management Expert David Berger illustrates some of the more basic techniques and simple strategies to mitigate risk and exploit improvement opportunities.

    David Berger, P.Eng.
  • Heat Exchangers Become Increasingly Compact and Efficient

    Heat exchangers are getting increasingly compact and efficient. Enhanced, compact, ultra-compact, microscale and mesoscale variations are on the market or in development. Continuing innovations in nanotechnology and fuel cells promise further advances in heat exchanger miniaturization.

    Sheila Kennedy
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