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  • A Primer on Enzymes

    For those who can't digest lactose, lactase can make short work of the problem. Lactase is an enzyme that splits lactose into its constituent sugars, glucose and galactose.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
  • Tabasco for Any Requirement

    Corporate chef and a steward of the brand, Jason Gronlund heats up palates worldwide with Tabasco.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
  • WILD Leads the Way in Crossover Trends

    With an array of new flavors, varied ingredients, assorted packages and diverse prices overwhelming the consumers in the food and beverage markets, manufacturers who meet the most needs will gain the most profits.

  • The N.E.X.T. Big Thing - Food and Beverage Trends

    One of the primary challenges food and beverage marketers face is the conceptualization of innovative products. Whether it's the next generation of energy drinks, a new twist on a classic flavor or reinventing the candy bar as a meal replacement, Wild Flavors is always on the lookout for big product ideas and bold innovations. Where do we begin to explain the 2007 trends? How about kicking things off with the industry's most savvy experts-- WILD's N.E.X.T. Team. Here's a taste of the predictions.

  • Zero-Tolerance Measures for Food Safety

    No matter what branch of the food and beverage industry you're in, the types of products you manufacture, or the size of your company -- product safety is every producers' first priority. Eliminating food-borne illness and preventing product contamination is a complex, multi-faceted process that requires strict adherence to food safety rules and cooperation from your employees, your suppliers and your customers.

  • Undying Myths about Grains and Carbohydrates

    Although Atkins diet is off the radar screen, we still find a high percentage of people who say they are "counting their carbs," as if carbs are a bad food to be limited. Nothing could be farther than the truth.

  • Healthy Baking

    Healthy baking is now the rule rather than the exception. In a field as heavy on trends as it is on competition, here’s what baked-goods processors are doing lately to hold onto their slice of the consumer pie.

    Kantha Shelke, Ph.D.
  • July 2007 New Ingredient Profiles

    June/July's nutraceutical ingredient profiles include ribose habanero flavors, a flaxseed-fish oil combination, imitation bacon bits and pycnogenol.

  • Phosphorus Useful for Far More than Cola

    A quick glance at the beverage shelf shows phosphorous being used mostly in dark cola beverages. But there’s more to this mineral than you might think.

    Rebecca Jensen
  • Formulating Sweet and Savory Healthy Snacks

    Sweet and savory snacks are forecast for constant growth and food processors are taking note. Read on to find out how one ingredient formulator in particular can help with your future healthy snacking options.

    Jill Russell, managing editor, digital media
  • Top Food Products for 2006

    Last year's top new products focused on healthy dieting, less fat and digestive health.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
  • Extending Brand Equity to Foodservice

    Why sell a commodity ingredient to foodservice clients when you can provide an ask-for brand that differentiates the restaurant, too?

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
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