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  • New Food Products: January 2005 New Food Rollout

    Besides healthful entrees and beer, this month's hot new products include gummi guerillas, pouched seafood, juice-milk blends and spicy jerky.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
  • Fiber Fortification with Gums and Starches

    The revised USDA dietary guidelines could open the floodgates to high-fiber foods, giving some old ingredients new purpose and life.

    Mike Pehanich, Contributing Editor
  • Cereals Take Center Stage on Indian Tables

    While upscale Indian restaurants draw adventuresome trendsetters, retailers have begun to offer simpler fare to suit the palates of more timid consumers. Many of these are built around the cereal grains that form the staple of the average Indian meal.

    Kantha Shelke, Ingredients Editor
  • FDA Releases 2005 Dietary Guidelines

    The new USDA/FDA Dietary Guidelines are out, and while many food industry organizations have lauded them, they have provoked some controversy as well. Food Processing's managing editor, David Feder, R.D., provides an analysis.

    David Feder, R.D., Managing Editor
  • Take the Offensive on Obesity

    Who is more at fault for obesity, the advertising for McDonald's or the unbearable pressure kids feel from school, peers and parents?

    John Stanton, Contributing Editor
  • Pros and Cons of RFID on Packaging

    Here are the critical considerations before implementing this technology ... and some available outside help.

    Judy Rice, Contributing Editor
  • Untapped Variety in Whole Grains

    Dr. Mark Anthony shows us what we're missing in those amber waves of grain when we limit our thinking to wheat, corn, and oats.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor
  • In Praise of Smoothies

    Wellness Foods Editor David Feder, R.D., tells tales out of school and the merging of smoothies with meal replacement beverages.

    David Feder, R.D., Editor
  • Three Billion Pizzas Sold Annually

    Pizza. Americans can't get enough of it. It's estimated that three billion pizzas are sold annually in the U.S. That's 23 pounds per man, woman and child.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
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