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  • Natural Products West 2006

    The Natural Products Expo West / SupplyExpo / Nutracon / World Ethnic Market conference and trade show in Anaheim last month was one of the best shows in years.

    David Feder, R.D., Editor
  • Food is Big News

    Media’s influence on consumer concerns remains strong.

    Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor
  • More Ammo Brought into Fight Against Diabetes

    Diabetes afflicts an ever-growing percentage of the population. However, creators and manufacturers of foods designed either directly or indirectly to prevent the development of obesity and diabetes, are bringing more and more ammo to the battle every year.

    David Feder, R.D., Editor
  • Gluten-Free Market Rapidly Expanding

    The market for gluten-free foods, currently at about $600 million annually, may be only a small piece of the overall food market, but the category is growing extremely fast - nearly 15 percent annually, according to the San Francisco-based market research group Spins Inc.

    John K. Ashby
  • ConAgra Superpremium Canned Vegetables

    ConAgra's Hunt's brand tries to create a superpremium category for canned vegetables.

    Hollis Ashman and Jacqueline Beckley, Consumer Understanding Editors
  • 2006 Annual Capital Spending Outlook

    The biggest or most plants are going to those proteins, but broad-based growth plans hint at an 11 percent increase in capital outlays this year.

    Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief
  • First Class Glass Packaging

    Processors gravitate to glass packaging for branding, premium positioning and product protection.

    Kate Bertrand, Packaging Editor
  • Cleaning Without Chemicals

    Sometimes the solution is not a solution, but rather steam, gas or a silver bullet.

    Mike Pehanich, Plant Operations Editor
  • Unilever Uses Cooking Show to Market to Latinos

    Unilever is playing on a Latin love of cooking and the surprising dearth of food programs on Spanish-language TV for the company's biggest-ever Hispanic effort for its food brands. "Desafio del Sabor" (The Flavor Challenge) kicks off this week, starting with a call to submit favorite recipes at storefront events across the country and ending with a televised cook-off on national television. Recipes must include at least one of 10 participating Unilever food brands.

    Abbey Klaassen, Ad Age Editor
  • Salt Unworthy of Being Demonized

    The Salt Institute justifiably asks “Where’s the outrage?” over the lack of fair play in the science media when salt proves yet again unworthy of being demonized.

    Richard L. Hanneman, Salt Institute
  • Naturally Low-Calorie Luo Han Guo Sweetener

    There’s a new sweetener on the block. At least new to our block. It’s naturally ultra-low-calorie, but more than that, it may help your body regulate insulin.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D.
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