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More is more is the U.S. approach, though not everyone likes it.

Food Start-Up’s a Crowd Favorite

San Francisco entrepreneur taps into Kickstarter to underwrite product launch.

Quality, Price Perceptions Hurt Food Companies

Customer satisfaction scores sag for some major and mid-sized food and beverage processors.

Brokers Shape Renewable Energy Partnerships with Food Firms

There’s an upside to generating huge amounts of waste in food production: the love of utilities investors 

Retail Demand Drives Chocolatier’s Expansion

New production facility may triple workforce at Pittsburgh area confection company

It’s All about Control

Advances in controls technology are changing the economics of coating processes in baking and other food production sectors.

Food Firms Roll on Alternative Fuels


Quality Focus Helps Reverse Offshoring of U.S. Manufacturing

The repatriation of American manufacturing continues to gain momentum, but don’t underestimate the ability of American workers to deliver quality products that continue to get better.

Canadian Food Professionals Set Earnings Pace

The best-paid professionals in the food industry may be found north of the border, if Food Processing’s Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey is any guide.

More Inspection, Less Auditing Needed in Food Plants

Reliance on audits to flag problems and raise the bar on food safety and other metrics isn’t the path forward. Inspections and critical analyses of processes are necessary.