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Don't Cry About It, Argentina: Less Beef Is the American Way

Webinars make it too easy for presenters to pick and choose the questions they answer and those they ignore. I was reminded of that reality last week during a webcast involving the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

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On July 1, 2013 your online-reading life may feel a little jolt. That is the day that Google plans to retire its Google Reader app. If you're anything like me, this is the digital equivalent to having your pacifier taken away as a toddler.

Forum Offers Guidance to Food Safety Professionals Wrestling with Higher Standards

The stress balls in the conference goodie bags probably were a good idea: considering the uncertainty surrounding third-party audit certifications and future compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), food safety and quality assurance managers could use a stress buster these days.

The Cup of Joe Gets Its Due

The news is all good these days for caffeine in its pure, uncut form.Undergrads at Centre College in Danville, Ken., recently presented findings from a research project comparing the effects on brain activity of the nation's leading energy drink with a regular cup of coffee to the annual meeting of...

Happy National Jerky Day!

Sorry, I got busy yesterday and didn't get to blog. And I had my subject all planned out. Yesterday was National Jerky Day. I meant to celebrate in print, as I'm sure the rest of country was doing in person.At least, that's according to Link Snacks Inc., maker of Jack...

Costco Foodborne Hepatitis A Outbreak Highlights Track & Trace Challenges in Global Sourcing

Besides adding the hepatitis A virus to the list of contamination worries for food, the recent recall of frozen berries with pomegranate seeds distributed through Costco and Harris Teeter stores highlighted once again that, when it comes to track and trace, it's still the Wild West—or, in this case, the...

Everything's Better With Bacon, Even Father's Day

What do you get that special guy, the man who taught you baseball, fishing, how to ride a two-wheeler, the man who fathered you?How about a slab of bacon? And (choose one): cufflinks, a money clip or a multifunctional tool.

Fear Over Chinese Ownership of Smithfield Foods

"America has the safest food supply in the world."And it's increasingly being taken over by foreign companies.How often have you heard the first phrase? How long will we be able to continue saying that?

Stricter FSMA rules for process water advocated by some

The public comment period for proposed rules in current GMPs and risk-assessment requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act continues until Sept. 16, after which FDA officials will sift through the many comments and suggestions submitted in writing and at public hearings.

Dark Chocolate Gaining in Popularity over Milk Chocolate

Mintel research reveals 51% of all adult consumers favor milk chocolate while 35% favor dark chocolate and 8% prefering white chocolate. This is in contrast to Mintel's 2011 report, which found that 57% of consumers favored milk chocolate and 33% of consumers preferred dark chocolate.