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What’s a mom’s job worth?

CEO and CFO compensation is a hot topic in every organization, especially if company shares are stagnant or falling. But even more controversial is the lack of compensation for the chief mom officer, who doesn't get a paycheck.

Beets, Farro and Fig Relish

In celebration of National Soup Month, Camden, N.J.-based Campbell Soup Co.'s Swanson Broth experts, who stir up new ideas in the Campbell's Kitchen, are making 2008 predictions for the world of soup. While enjoying a bowl of soup is a wintertime staple, homemade soups are generating renewed interest in kitchens...

Pregnant pause

Expectant mothers can give their children a taste for healthy foods by eating them during pregnancy or when breast-feeding, according to a study of the development of food and flavor preferences by scientists at Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia, reports

What’s ahead on your plate?


Great divide

You can tell a person's politics by the cut of his pasta, according to a recent red state vs. blue state analysis by Kansas City, Mo.-based American Italian Pasta Co. (AIPC). AIPC analyzed Nielsen-based sales data from across the country and compared different shapes and cuts of pasta preferences in...

Why product development is lagging

We can talk about consumer trends and their desire for convenience, foods that make them healthier and/or look good, authentic flavors and cuisines from around the world, affordable options and most of all great taste. We can zero in on new technologies in R&D, new packaging options that retain freshness...

IDDBA’s What’s In Store 2008

It's time to reflect on 2007, analyze trends for 2008 and jump start strategies to give consumers what they want. Consumers are more aware of nutrition and the effects of trans fats, Omega-3s, functional foods, antioxidants, and sweeteners on their health, according to What's In Store 2008, the annual trends...

Omni Consumer calls the shots

Trend predictions for 2008 are hitting the airwaves, but first things first. Let's reflect on the ramifications of last year's global trends, as defined by Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM's business think-tank, the Institute for Business Value. IBM's global research of more than 16,900 consumers, conducted throughout 2007, found consumers flexed their...

Getting to know you

ABC news anchor Charlie Gibson asked the candidates campaigning for president about their guiltiest pleasure. "Ice cream," said Joe Biden, D-Del. "A lot of it. A lot of it."

Resolving to shed those extra pounds

Although Americans typically resolve each January to lose weight, the extra pounds have been "weighing" on people's minds throughout the year. In fact, a recent survey from the Calorie Control Council indicates that for 95 million Americans, dieting is a constant concern.