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Attack on Santa

Santa, the patron saint of Christmas is at the top of anti-fat fanatic Meme Roth's "naughty" list, reports Fox News. She wants America to "second guess its time-honored traditions," and ask Santa to go on a diet.

Get a grip

The once ubiquitous cupcake, iced to perfection and colorfully sprinkled, may be slowly fading from the school landscape nationwide, reports the Chicago Tribune. To fight rising rates of childhood obesity and a surge in allergies, school districts last year were required to come up with strict wellness policies in school...

Demography is dead

Demography is dead, according to the third annual trends survey conducted by J. Walter Thompson (JWT), the largest advertising agency in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world. As life expectancy increases, marriage as a lifelong commitment will be a different proposition in 2010 than it was in 1960.

Organic, natural or nada

Although the press is all aflutter about natural and organic products, as well as dwelling on environmental issues, consumer attitudes are decidedly mixed, according to Parade magazine's 2007 "What America Eats" survey. Only 8 percent of the 2,001 respondents say it is "very important" for a product to be organic,...

Toss the leg warmers and spices

Getting ready for holiday baking, I checked out my spice rack for supplies. Woe and behold, I found a 15-year old can of McCormick cinnamon (I really liked the little can, so I hung on to it). Hmmm, just for fun, I'll check the aroma, I thought.

Food Network chefs dish on what’s hot

What's hot on the dining scene? According to celebrity Chef Cat Cora, it is stronger flavors across the board, reports USA Today. Stronger aromas, more crispiness, crunch and freshness are key, as well as flavored salts and vinegars with more body and flavor.

Fitness trumps diet

Lifestyle and lack of exercise, not diet, is the main cause of obesity, according to "Small Choices, Big Bodies: How Countless Daily Decisions Contribute to America's Burgeoning Waistline," a report by Washington-based the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF).

Happier taste buds in 2008

New product developments promise better health and happier taste buds in 2008, according to Datamonitor's Productscan Online. Probiotics, organics for kids, fresh foods, greening, superfruits, African ingredients, the crunch factor, bold flavor, caffeine for energy and foods that help you sleep are some of the trends to watch in new products.

Basic black magic

Color in food and its associated health benefits, has been the subject of article after article in the consumer press. Foods with darker hues contain more pigments called anthocyanins. Derived from the Greek words for "plant" and "blue," anthocyanins are what make blueberries blue and blackberries black.

Shakeup for the food industry

In an effort to reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke, the American Medical Association (AMA) today testified to the FDA urging immediate action to reduce excess salt in food. The AMA asked the FDA to set strict limits on salt in processed foods and work to better educate...