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Private label growth

Inspired by tastes from the around the world, Toronto-based Loblaw plans to launch 140 new products under its President's Choice private label this month. Among the offerings are hand-rolled dim sum from China; Dulce de Leche, "known as sex in a bottle," from Argentina; and tarte au chocolate and tarte...

Trick or treat

Halloween is the season of ghosts, goblins, and most of all, candy. According to The Nielsen Co., U.S. consumers are expected to purchase more than $2.1 billion in candy this Halloween season (the 10 week period ending Nov.

Snipping out the middle man

"We are living in a new era of hyper-competition," said Todd Buchholz, former White House economic policy director, trend forecaster, author and presenter at last week's Worldwide Food Expo. During his presentation, "Competing and Succeeding in a Global Economy," he pointed out that the speed and open competition of the...

Think like a Boy Scout


What happens at school stays at school

With best intentions in mind, most moms pack their children's lunches with wholesome snacks. But what those same moms don't realize is that 50 percent of kids are either throwing those snacks away or giving them to a friend, according to the "Great Lunchbox Treat" survey of some 300 kids...

Put that back on the shelf


Playing the blame game

Childhood obesity has, over the past two decades, become a critical worldwide problem, and many critics blame the food industry for advertising calorie-laden foods to these impressionable minds. Last year, the Council of Better Business Bureau's (CBBB) Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative was set up as a voluntary self-regulation...

Four pillars of food safety

Dave Fusaro, editor of Food Processing, has commandeered my blog today to report news from the Package/Process Expo under way in Las Vegas. "We're not really facing a crisis, but we are facing a challenge." That was how Cal Dooley, president/CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Assn.

Beyond basic nutrition

Getting the message out about the attributes beyond basic nutrition can be confusing for consumers. It is notable that positive marketing and connectioning the attribute of the food and specific health benefit seems to be working, according to the fifth national survey of 1,000 consumers, conducted April 10-24, 2007 and commissioned by the Washington, D.C.-based International...

What’s good for America

America's thirst for ethanol and a federal mandate for the U.S. to use 7 billion gallons (26.5 billion liters) of renewable fuels by 2012, caused corn prices to start rising sharply in September, reports the International Herald Tribune.