Turns Out, Chocolate IS Healthy

Researchers discover the key ingredient to Chocolate's healthiness lies in its digestibility. 

Cargill to host free webinar on reducing fat in food products

Cargill is hosting a free Webinar on September 28 with Food Processing's very own Diane Toops as moderator.

Indulging in better-for-you cakes and muffins

Reduced-fat muffins and cakes that taste as good as full-fat versions? Eating is believing when it comes to baked goods made with Cargill's CitriTex® blends. CitriTex blends are a mixture of citrus pulp fiber and other ingredients that allow you to reduce the oil in muffins and cakes by 50%...

Making fried foods healthier without sacrificing taste

Let's face it: frying in oil or fat achieves a moisture content, flavor profile and crisp finish that is hard to beat. Yet the same oils that make fried chicken, fish, french fries and donuts so tempting are also the reason why they will never make any nutritionist’s Top 10 list.

The Plight of a Food Processing Food Editor

Like many Americans, my family doctor has cautioned me to take better care of my expanding body.

Teaching our Kids About Eating Healthy: School Versus Home

My 13 year old recently came home from school with some information that startled me as a parent. One of her teachers was planning to show the movie Supersize Me in class that week.

Consumers skeptical of organic and natural claims

When it comes to all natural and organic foods, consumers are wiser to the differences than most marketers might think and eager to purchase them if the price is right, according to a recent survey conducted by Harrisburg, Pa.-based marketing agency Pavone.