The Fate of the Family Dinner

When we last left our heroine, she was contemplating how much (or is it how many?) sweeteners she should allow in her food. On this week's episode of Are you Smarter than an editor, we examine how family dinners can help prevent family problems.

Simply Asia Seasonings Simply Delicious

I confess, I've been a horribly busy parent who has served her kids numerous plates of macaroni and cheese and turkey burgers over the past few weeks. What can I say, my husband was travelling through China and the rest of us all had places to be, homework to...

Why I'll Never Cook like Julia Child

I'm up to page 324 of Julia Child's memoir, My Life in France. It's a fabulous book about her travels around Europe with her husband, Paul, and her ascension to the role of French Chef we all grew to know and love.

Teaching our Kids About Eating Healthy: School Versus Home

My 13 year old recently came home from school with some information that startled me as a parent. One of her teachers was planning to show the movie Supersize Me in class that week.

Kids Enjoy Back to School Lunch Time

It's Back to School time all around the United States. While the thought of heading back to the books spells doom and gloom for some, at our house it means a whole new experiment with back to school lunch foods.

Welcome to Erin's Edibles

This is me. Erin Erickson. web editor and mommy blogger extraordinaire. My job as the web editor doesn't give me a lot of opportunity to declare to readers the most interesting jobs I have in the world: being a parent to two kids ages 13 (a girl) and...