The top-selling NEW food and beverage products of 2012

Favorites are personal, but nothing beats the hard reality of sales figures. IRI last week revealed its annual New Product Pacesetters, the best-selling new products of 2012. It’s always difficult to throw a ring around this group, to come up with just a trend or two to explain what always...

Consumers skeptical of organic and natural claims

When it comes to all natural and organic foods, consumers are wiser to the differences than most marketers might think and eager to purchase them if the price is right, according to a recent survey conducted by Harrisburg, Pa.-based marketing agency Pavone.

Welcome to Erin's Edibles

This is me. Erin Erickson. web editor and mommy blogger extraordinaire. My job as the web editor doesn't give me a lot of opportunity to declare to readers the most interesting jobs I have in the world: being a parent to two kids ages 13 (a girl) and...