Jell-O gets jiggly with iPhone app

Dear food and beverage companies: thank you for making my job fun. It's a wonder I get any work done any more with the new apps, sites and products being introduced every day.

Smart Phone: Meet the 2011 Sweets and Snacks Expo Mobile App

I'm heading to one of the most fun (and delicious) trade shows a girl covering the food industry can attend: The 2011 Sweets and Snack Expo in Chicago.

Fooducate Offers Ingredient, Health information in handy iPhone App

I've started to view my iPhone as an extension of my right hand. It goes everywhere with me; from the library, to kids' sporting events, the mall, the airport, and the grocery store.  I even have it in arm's reach when I'm watching television, reading or working. 

Fona FlavorNotes App a Delicious Addition to my iPhone

I'm not a food scientist nor do I play one on t.v., but FONA's new FlavorNotes smart phone application might have me rethinking my career path.