Coming To A Computer Near You: Don't Miss These Upcoming Technology Webinars

Food Processing is participating in two webinars in April that we think you, our readers, will find extremely educational.

Case Study Corner: Co-Production and Automation Best Practices

I enjoy a good case study. When I come across one, I become enthralled by all of the possibilities for innovation that lay before me. It just so happens that I came across not one, but several case studies lately that I wanted to share.

Study finds social media impacting consumers' relationship with food

Have you checked out on Pinterest yet? If you haven't, you should. Not only is the social networking site popular, it's also part of a growing trend for consumers to look online for guidance on food.

Jell-O gets jiggly with iPhone app

Dear food and beverage companies: thank you for making my job fun. It's a wonder I get any work done any more with the new apps, sites and products being introduced every day.

Have consumers taken social media a step too far?

This morning I noticed an email in my work inbox that, at first glance, I thought was a joke:

Achieving great taste in reduced-calorie beverages

More than 60% of adults around the world are trying to improve the healthfulness of their diets, according to market studies. As a result, the market for reduced-calorie food and beverage products is booming: in 2009, more than 25% of adults increased the amount of reduced-calorie food and beverages they purchased.

The food industry needs more of Juicy Fruit's Serenading Unicorns

Yesterday was a glorious day filled with candy, new snack products and best of all, a peak at a website that will forever change my life. You see, the NCA Sweets and Snacks Expo wasn't just about learning which delicious snacks would be gracing my taste buds in the near future.

Smart Phone: Meet the 2011 Sweets and Snacks Expo Mobile App

I'm heading to one of the most fun (and delicious) trade shows a girl covering the food industry can attend: The 2011 Sweets and Snack Expo in Chicago.