Dooley and Dingell debate

Last week, Rep. John D. Dingell (D., Mich.), chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, circulated a draft measure to overhaul the FDA as part of the response to a spate of recalls of food and tainted medicine.

What’s important to teens?

An advance release of the Teen Topix study by OTX and the Intelligence Group finds that 81 percent of teens (13-17) say they are at least somewhat happy, and over a third are very happy, reports Teens report to be happiest with their relationships with friends, their talents, their abilities, and their school performance.

Moneymaking machines?

There's nothing sexy about a Slim Jim. And no one's lining up at midnight to buy the newest box of Wheaties, reports CNN/Investor’s Business Daily.

Cheap eats

Searches for recipes using inexpensive ingredients increased 91 percent over the past three months at, which receives more than 35 million annual visits from users, according to its Monthly Measuring Cup report. Consumers seek more pocketbook-friendly recipes because of an unstable economic landscape.

Not leftovers again, honey

With food prices increasing at the fastest pace in 17 years and gas prices soaring, a new study “How Do Economically Challenging Times Affect In-Home Meal Strategies” from Rosemont, Ill.-based The NPD Group, finds concerned consumers looking for value, making trade-offs and counting on leftovers when planning their meals.

Test drive premium brand extensions

Big brands, small brands, celebrity brands are scrambling to make news, reports CultureWaves, Tide Report. Established brands from fashion, entertainment, and electronics are expanding into other categories. In a downturning market, making celebrity affordable can pay off.

Don’t get environmentalism wrong

New products boasting environmentally friendly claims in 2007 was 328 — almost double the number of new items making similar claims the previous year, according to Mintel’s Global New Products Database. “More than ever, shoppers want to purchase goods that help protect and preserve the world around them,” says Chris...

Tweaking recipes as prices rise

With prices continuing to march higher for commodities ranging from corn to wheat, food companies are cutting costs, raising prices and otherwise adjusting to tighter margins for the long haul, reports Sara Lee Corp. reformulated some of its regional bread brands with cheaper, lower-protein wheat. Meanwhile, General Mills Inc.

Lip-smacking good

Rub on a lip gloss and lose weight, reports MSNBC.  “Always on the lips … never on the hips,” is the promise in ads for the new "Fuze Slenderize Guilt free" lip gloss, available for $18.50.

Meet the U-boomers

Conventional wisdom says that the emerging economies of China and India are the biggest opportunities for global consumer companies, reports Forbes. But a much bigger opportunity is emerging here in the U.S.--the 24 million middle-class American households approaching retirement with lofty lifestyle aspirations, a thirst for new products and brands,...