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Cargill Identifies Key Barriers for Getting Children to Eat Healthy

Today's parents are educated about the benefits of childhood nutrition and strive to give their kids healthier foods, but several barriers can get in the way. Food manufacturers who can help parents overcome these obstacles can help boost kids' nutrition while increasing market share.

Cargill Takes a Stake in Improving Kids' Nutrition

As the mother of three kids ages 9 to14, I know it’s a balancing act to provide them with the foods that will help them grow into healthy adults and, at the same time, satisfy their desire for things that taste good and they enjoy eating.

Shaking the salt? Try potassium chloride

New sodium and potassium guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in January have food manufacturers looking for ways to respond without compromising taste, texture or shelf life.

Adapting to Less Trans and Saturated Fat

Since 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began requiring manufacturers to list trans fats on their labels, and consumers are using that information when making buying decisions.  Today, consumers are considering both trans and saturated fat levels when deciding to buy food products.

Savvy About Sweetness: The Naturally Splendid Consumer

They're informed, health-conscious and cautious about what they put in their body. They're the "Naturally Splendids," the largest of the four consumer segments in Cargill's proprietary sweetness segmentation. This growing market made up a sizable 39% of primary grocery shoppers in 2010.

Trans Fat Replacement – What Remains?

Since January 1, 2006, the FDA has required that foods under their jurisdiction list trans fat content on the Nutrition Facts panel.  The Agency indicated that this decision was made to help consumers make heart healthy choices.  The final rule mandating this revision discussed scientific evidence that showed dietary trans...

Nutritive Sweeteners Provide Taste Consumers Want In Sweet Treats

When it comes to buying food at the supermarket, taste still remains at the top of American consumers’ shopping lists, according to the International Food Information Council’s 2011 Food & Health Survey. Generation Y consumers (ages 18 -30) in particular, list taste as a food's most important attribute—over price, nutrition,...

Debunking Common Myths About Wheat

Messages about what foods to avoid and to eat are ubiquitous in magazines and on talk shows.  Moderation is not sensational, so perhaps that is why we are constantly told to avoid certain foods entirely.  One of the latest we have been told to avoid is wheat.  While it is...

Cocoa, Chocolate And Confectionery Coating Trends For 2013

Overall, sales of chocolate—including premium chocolate—have been climbing despite rising prices. It appears, then, as though chocolate is something that many people just can't do without.

Look To Classic Holiday Food Favorites for Year-Long Innovation

As a Certified Master Baker through the Retail Bakers of America, I'm also certain that the holiday season is a unique opportunity for food manufacturers to show consumers what they can do—and keep them coming back.