Formulating Ideas

Cultivating sustainable cocoa through farmers' cooperatives

About 70% of the world's cocoa is grown in West Africa, in environments that challenge farmers in the best of circumstances. In these Cocoa Belt regions, roads and the general infrastructure are poor, and cars and trucks are expensive to maintain.

Process Optimization: Uncovering Ways to Use Less and Get More

Day-to-day management of a food or beverage manufacturing plant often doesn't leave you much time to review all manufacturing processes for inefficiencies. With rising ingredient and input costs, chances are the pressure is mounting to find new ways to take cost out.   Especially in these volatile times, what’s needed is...

Insights from Cargill's LifeStages Framework: What Boomers and Matures Want

Lakshmi SitaramSenior Marketing Research AnalystCargill

Proprietary LifeStages framework highlights differences and similarities in attitudes and behaviors among the generations

Lakshmi SitaramSenior Marketing Research AnalystCargill

Liquid assets: Creating a World-Class Craft Beer

As many of the world's beer drinkers descend on Munich's Oktoberfest for Weissbier and Bavarian Gemütlichkeit, what better time to talk about beer? Specifically, let's talk craft beer, those unique, small-batch brews made by traditional, independent breweries.

Balance is the Key Ingredient to Mid-Calorie Beverages

High calories and full-on sweetness? Or zero calories and a seemingly-watery taste? For some people, it's all about meeting in the middle, but does half the calories have to mean half the taste?

Textured Soy Protein Offers Processors Cost-Effective Way To Compete In School Lunch Market

With nearly 5.5 billion school lunches served each year, these midday meals are an opportunity to make a big impact on childhood nutrition.

Form meets function in omega-3 oil

Do you want your granola bar to taste like fish and spoil quickly? We don't either. That's why Cargill introduced its Clear Valley® omega-3 flax-canola oil blend in 2010.

Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrate Syrup Helps Sports Drinks Go The Extra Mile

When it comes to sports drinks, consumers want great taste, hydration and energy in one convenient product. They want the kind of fuel that will stick with them throughout athletic events or exercise—especially during the hot summer months.

Staying on trend with functional foods

Wanted: Tasty foods and beverages with benefits.  Must help prevent or manage chronic conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. Can have inherent or fortified benefits. Promotion of normal digestive function a plus. Serious replies only.