Formulating Ideas

Food processors can relieve cost pressures by looking at their oils

The current economic stagnation coupled with very high commodity prices has led food manufacturers to understandably become very price-sensitive. At Cargill, we're always trying to find ways to help our customers promote their products while saving costs.

How To: Save Money Through Big Picture Process Improvement

Charles Sanderson, PhDTechnical DirectorCargill Process Optimizers

Omega-3s: How to boost nutrition while lowering saturated fat

Our customers wanted to enrich their products with omega-3 fatty acids — but without the grassy flavor they often impart. Enter Clear Valley® omega-3 oils and shortenings.

Canola oil and seed: A breed apart

Cargill's ingredient oil customers want heart-healthy solutions that protect their brand as consumer expectations expand and regulations tighten. That means cooking oils that not only have an excellent fatty acid profile (low saturated fat and no trans fat) but that boast a clean, appealing flavor without being cost-prohibitive.

Cargill to host free webinar on reducing fat in food products

Cargill is hosting a free Webinar on September 28 with Food Processing's very own Diane Toops as moderator.

Cost containment will be a big focus at this year's International Dairy Foods Association show

Our dairy customers are frequently asking us how we can help them deal with rising input costs while continuing to produce the great tasting, high quality products that their customers expect from them. Here at Cargill, we're gearing up to showcase and roll out some innovative and great-tasting cost-containment solutions...

Are your consumers watching their fats for heart health? Why not “block” cholesterol?

Consumers are demanding great tasting foods to enlist in the fight against heart disease, the No. 1 killer of both men and women in America. Elevated blood cholesterol is a major risk factor in the development of heart disease.

Meeting the challenge of reducing saturated fat in foods marketed to kids

The food industry has faced many obstacles in the quest to develop healthier products by incorporating functional oil and shortening ingredients with improved nutritional attributes. Now we're up against another difficult but very important challenge: to develop foods with no more than 1 gram of saturated fat per serving which...

Indulging in better-for-you cakes and muffins

Reduced-fat muffins and cakes that taste as good as full-fat versions? Eating is believing when it comes to baked goods made with Cargill's CitriTex® blends. CitriTex blends are a mixture of citrus pulp fiber and other ingredients that allow you to reduce the oil in muffins and cakes by 50%...

Making fried foods healthier without sacrificing taste

Let's face it: frying in oil or fat achieves a moisture content, flavor profile and crisp finish that is hard to beat. Yet the same oils that make fried chicken, fish, french fries and donuts so tempting are also the reason why they will never make any nutritionist’s Top 10 list.