Formulating Ideas

Achieving great taste in reduced-calorie beverages

More than 60% of adults around the world are trying to improve the healthfulness of their diets, according to market studies. As a result, the market for reduced-calorie food and beverage products is booming: in 2009, more than 25% of adults increased the amount of reduced-calorie food and beverages they purchased.

Stevia as a sweetener: A natural history

Beverage development has progressed steadily since the 1830s, when carbonated, flavored sodas debuted at apothecary seltzer fountains. Previously, beverage choices had been limited to water, milk, beer, wine and spirits. With these fountains came a wide variety of flavors and textures from carbonation which previously had not been available.  The...

Innovating great-tasting low-calorie beverages

Traditional products and brands are under pressure to reformulate for nutritional or sustainability reasons. Consumers are scrutinizing food and beverage labels to better understand the origins of their food and the nutritional benefits of the ingredients on the label.