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What Did Food Processors Want to Read in 2013?

Every year, the team at Food Processing takes a look at what articles did really well on our website. Some articles don't surprise us, while others leave us satisfyingly content that we delivered such popular information.

ADM Reduces Energy Usage by 38%, Brings on Energy Director to Reduce another 15%

Archer Daniels Midland brought on Thomas Mort, CEM, as its corporate energy director in 2011. This year, the firm has completed $50 million of savings.

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On July 1, 2013 your online-reading life may feel a little jolt. That is the day that Google plans to retire its Google Reader app. If you're anything like me, this is the digital equivalent to having your pacifier taken away as a toddler.

Dark Chocolate Gaining in Popularity over Milk Chocolate

Mintel research reveals 51% of all adult consumers favor milk chocolate while 35% favor dark chocolate and 8% prefering white chocolate. This is in contrast to Mintel's 2011 report, which found that 57% of consumers favored milk chocolate and 33% of consumers preferred dark chocolate.

A Healthy Approach to the 2013 Snack and Candy Expo

My doctor was fairly specific: "Reduce your calories and try to stay away from the 'bad stuff.'" While wondering if my doctor understands what I do for a living, I also contemplated what defined 'bad' and proceeded to plan my Snack and Candy Expo experience accordingly.

Ramen Rater Offers Insight into Instant Noodle Production

Food Processing reader, and self-processed 'Ramen Rater' Hans Lienesch recently visited the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Ore. to find out the production process – from ingredients to finished product – for the globally popular instant noodle.

Perrier Invites Adult Consumers to Online Fantasy World

Perrier, the sparkling water company, has taken digital marketing to another level with its new online fantasy world. entices visitors to enter the space and participate as though they were members of the elusive party taking place in this secret world.

Miller Coors Partners with 20th Century Fox for Ultimate 'Internship' Prize

The comedy team of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are bringing internships to a whole new level with the summer movie, "The Internship." In the movie, which opens June 7, Vaughn and Wilson talk their way into an internship at Google.

Baker Tilly Capital Arranges Financing on $28.5 Million Anaerobic Digester for GreenWhey Energy

Baker Tilly Capital recently served as a consultant to GreenWhey Energy in the recent closing of $28.5 million in construction and long term financing for an anaerobic digester facility in Turtle Lake, Wisc. According to Tom Ludy, GreenWhey Energy president, 500,000 gallons per day of waste water from several local...

Teawolf Reveals 2013 Trends for Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Extracts

Teawolf, a manufacturer of functional ingredients for the food, beverage, flavor, and fragrance markets, recently revealed a list of the emerging trends for tea, coffee, cocoa, and extracts in 2013.