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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Sponsors Online Quiz for Food Processing Managers

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers an Online Food Processing Challenge for food processing managers interested in knowing where their strengths and skills are. According to UNL, the Online Food Processing Challenge is a short 15-question quiz with instant confidential results.  

Citrus Fiber Offers Sweet Rewards with Innovative Applications

The consumer trend toward natural ingredients has prompted many food manufacturers to source non-artificial ingredients. Manufacturers who rely on fiber to enhance their products may find themselves in a sticky situation if they want to declare a clean label.

Food Processing Top 10: The Most Popular Posts in 2012

Call it habit or plain curiosity, but at the end of each year, we like to conduct a review of the most popular articles on our website from the previous year. Some of the top 10 most popular seem fairly obvious – to us anyway – while some took us...