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Bacon: It’s Not Just for Breakfast (Or Eating, Either)

Fairy tales, can come true, it can happen to you….provided you first win Olympic gold.

Where Have All the Food Plants Gone?

Half the U.S. facilities registered with FDA were purged in October 2012. Fortunately, some small, family operations survived the cut.

Atlanta Shutdown Disrupts 2014 International Production & Processing Expo

It will never rise to the level of a “Where were you on 9/11?” catastrophe, but last week’s Atlanta blizzard that brought the city to its knees and disrupted a major food-industry show will be grist for tales of inconvenienced business travel for years to come.

Patchwork of Gun Laws Complicates Workplace Safety Efforts

Making sure staff members return safely to their homes is a top priority at many food companies. Usually the focus is on preventing slips and falls. Going home with a cast is bad enough; going home in a body bag is so much worse.

Hold the Gum and Pass the Flax: Function May Be Nutritional’s Ticket to Ride

Bakeries and other food processors will decide if flax delivers comparable function and flavor, but guar highlights the vulnerability of food companies to raw material pricing far beyond their control.

Bye-bye, partially hydrogenated fat

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is on the way out, with last week's FDA announcement that it was withdrawing GRAS status for this food ingredient.

Bent, Folded and Mutilated: When Food Safety Wasn't Job No. 1

It's easier to know where you're going if you know where you've been. Since the theme of Food Processing's September cover story is the food processing plant of tomorrow, I've been thinking a lot lately about how plants have changed over the years.

Private Label Will Wane as Economy Improves

Economists draw on a wide range of consumer-confidence ratings and economic indicators for trends forecasting. Another metric they might consider is sales of private-label foods.

Supply-demand pendulum starts to favor employee pay hikes

America's economic recovery may be anemic, but it's strong enough to improve the outlook for pay increases in the coming months, concludes the 2013-2014 salary budget survey from WorldatWork, an association of human resource and benefits professionals at U.S. and international firms.

Survey quantifies gender gap among food and beverage professionals

I get geeky pleasure playing with an Excel spreadsheet and can spend hours resorting and calculating the data contained in them. You can imagine the thrill, then, when my colleague Dave turned over the raw data from Food Processing's annual salary survey.