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Food shipments again top cargo-theft list

Packaged food and beverage products were 2012’s answer to the question, What do thieves want?

Unannounced food-safety audits likely

Third-party audits under the SQF food-safety standard likely will shift from scheduled plant reviews to unannounced visits by 2014, according to Michael Govro, technical/quality assurance manager at NSF International.

Will CNG power tomorrow's food-transport chain?

The early betting makes compressed natural gas (CNG) the favorite in the race to replace gasoline and diesel as the dominant fuel source for moving food through tomorrow's supply chain, though CNG is hardly the only option.

Farm to Fork Sustainability Ends at Checkout

There's a study circulating at the U.S. Federal Reserve that suggests 80% of the products sold at Walmart stores end up in a landfill within 60 days.

Dairy leader makes the food industry's case

Kudos to Mike McCloskey, founder of Fair Oaks Farm and a mover and shaker in multiple dairy processing organizations. His Indiana farm is the focus of a recent national story spotlighting a waste-to-energy project that converts manure from 30,000 milking cows into compressed natural gas to power the 42 tanker...

Cities and states lure food jobs with generous aid packages

As everyone involved in food processing knows, modern manufacturing needs a lot fewer bodies to get more product out the door than it used to, thanks to automation. But that isn't stopping local economic development groups from pitching lucrative incentives to food companies to build a plant or stay put...

U.S. Food Exports Booming

As international trade increases, you often hear references to the world becoming a global village. A more precise analogy might be the global shopping mall, and American food companies as its food court.

Caffeine Nation

We Americans are a hard working, hard living people, and when we need a boost, many of us turn to energy drinks. The growth of Caffeine Nation also is driving job creation in the energy-drink niche, but that growth could be cut short as officials at FDA and the Federal...