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Surprising findings about marketing to Boomers

Many stereotypical marketing practices aimed at men and women over the age of 60 may not be as effective as previously assumed, according to a new study from Nielsen NeuroFocus, the Berkeley, Calif.-based agency that specializes in neurological testing for consumer research, reports Progressive Grocer.

Mood-enhancing effects of flavors

New evidence reveals the possibility of mood-enhancing effects associated with some flavors, stemming at least in part from natural ingredients bearing a striking chemical similarity to valproic acid, a widely used prescription mood-stabilizing drug, according to researchers at the Chemistry Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Torrey...

FDA issues preliminary data on arsenic in rice

As part of an ongoing and proactive effort to monitor food safety and address contaminants in food, the FDA released preliminary data on arsenic levels in certain rice and rice products. The data are part of a larger FDA data collection and analysis about arsenic levels in rice and is...

Catching up -- Food & Beverage Industry News, September 19, 2012

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Sept. 14 said its members narrowly approved (2,357 voting to approve and 2,043 voting to reject) contract modifications that Hostess Brands Inc. management and lenders required as a condition to bring the company out of bankruptcy again, reports Food Business News.

McDonald's commits to nutrition changes

McDonald's USA President Jan Fields said that, starting this week, the company will list calorie information on restaurant and drive-thru menus nationwide to further inform and help customers and employees make nutrition-minded choices, reports QSR.

Catching up -- Food & Beverage Industry News, September 14, 2012

Beef Products Inc. filed a defamation lawsuit Sept. 13 against ABC News alleging the network’s news coverage misled consumers to believe the company’s product, lean finely textured beef, was unsafe. The company is seeking more than $1 billion in damages …

Soft drink activity accelerating

New product activity in soft drinks appears to be accelerating strongly again, with rising levels of global launch activity recorded by Innova Market Insights over the past two years, following more restrained rises in the previous three years.

Ice cream has it licked

In 2011, the ice cream and frozen novelty market emerged from two years of struggling sales and posted a 4.1 percent increase from the previous year (retail sales of $10.7 billion) and is poised for continued growth of another 4 percent in 2012, according to research from Mintel.

Demystifying food ingredients

A new consumer resource, What's in Our Food: Understanding Common Food Ingredients, takes the mystery out of common food ingredients by describing how and why they are used and the U.S. government's process for determining if they are safe to eat and accurately labeled.

Campbell's celebrates Andy Warhol and 50 years of pop culture

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol's 1962 famous work, 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, Camden, N.J.-based Campbell Soup Co. introduces limited-edition cans of Campbell's Tomato soup with labels derived from original Warhol artwork. The four specially-designed labels reflect Warhol's pop-art style and use vibrant, eye-catching color combinations like orange...