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  • Send in the Clones?

    Consumer advocates and others have complained bitterly in recent years that the Food and Drug Administration has veered from its scientific roots, making decisions on controversial matters — such as the emergency contraceptive "Plan B" — on political rather than scientific grounds.

  • Predicting 2007 trends in food

    Ethiopian bread will be popular this year. Check out what else will be on our plates. (Requires free registration.)

  • Ethanol Makers Could Suffer from Industry Consumption

    A new report warns the popularity of ethanol could have a greater impact on the food supply than previously predicted. The environmental group Earth Policy Institute said 79 new biorefineries are being built, but a key industry count lists only 62, causing experts to underestimate the amount of grain that would be needed for ethanol. The report also says ethanol production could push corn prices so high that some ethanol producers would merely break even, if they do not lose money.

  • Barilla Tops Among World's Most Respected Companies

    Italy-based pasta maker Barilla Holding was No. 1, Kraft was the only U.S. firm to make the top 10 and a handful of international food firms were among the top scorers in the Reputation Institute’s annual ranking of corporate reputations.

  • Consumers Less Uneasy About Biotech Food

    It’s been 10 years since genetically engineered crops were planted commercially in the U.S., and still the majority of consumers claim to not know much about biotech food. Maybe that’s OK, as their opposition to biofoods is at an all-time low, according to the fifth annual survey on the topic.

  • Biomass liquids form syngas fast

    A technique to directly produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide from biomass liquids has been developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

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