Kraft Foods Inc.

Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093
Phone: 847-646-2000
Fax: 847-646-6005

Executives: Chrmn: John T. Cahill; CEO & Director: W. Anthony Vernon; EVP & CFO: Timothy R. McLevish; EVP & Pres., Beverages & Canada: Dino J. Bianco; EVP & Pres., U.S. Retail Sales & Foodservice: Charles W. Davis; EVP & Chief Marketing Officer: Adrienne D. Elsner; EVP & Pres., Cheese & Dairy and Exports: Georges El-Zoghbi; EVP, Integrated Supply Chain: Robert J. Gorski; EVP, Human Resources: Diane Johnson May; EVP & Pres., Oscar Mayer: Nicholas E. Meriggioli; EVP & Pres., Grocery: Michael Osanloo; EVP, Strategy: Sam B. Rovit; EVP, Corporate & Legal Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary: Kim K. W. Rucker

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Beverages, Cheese, Refrigerated Meals, Grocery,  International & Foodservice

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