Food Processing's annual list of the top 100 food and beverage companies in the United States and Canada is the only list of its kind. Nowhere else can you sort manufacturers by sales, rank or income all in one place.

If there is a theme running through the 2010 edition of the Food Processing Top 100, it may be less is more. As in lower sales can still mean higher profits.

Fifteen of the top 25 food & beverage companies on this list recorded lower sales in 2009 (or an early fiscal 2010) than they did in the previous year. Yet 18 of those 25 had higher net earnings.

That's not surprising when you consider that the recession hit a year earlier. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the past recession began in December 2007, and it certainly was widely apparent early into 2008. That gave food & beverage processors the better part of a year or more to prepare for the worst.

To read about how the top food companies did in 2010, read our coverage of the Food Processing Top 100 for 2010: Less is More

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This Year Last Year Company 2009 Food Sales 2008 Food Sales 2009 Total Company Sales 2009 Net Income Loss* (-Loss) 2008 Net Income Loss* (-Loss)
11Nestle (U.S. & Canada) 28000264771109541075117089
22Tyson Foods Inc. (9/27/08) 259032632526704(-537)86
34Kraft Foods Inc. 2366623956403863028 2893
43Pepsico Inc. 2200025346432325979 5166
55Anheuser-Busch InBev1548615571367585877 3126
67General Mills Inc. (5/31/09) 12094121001479715351314
76Dean Foods Co. 110001245511158228184
813JBS USA 11000 8000171566511
915Mars Inc. 10000 700028000NA-PrivateNA-Private
108Smithfield Foods Inc. (5/3/09)9326 1045112488(-101) (-198)
1127MillerCoors (3)8852 87468852859 548
129Kellogg Co.851084571257512081148
1310Coca-Cola Co.819182053099068245807
1411ConAgra Foods Inc. (5/30/10)8002 7979120791085 912
1512Pilgrims Pride Corp. (9/26/09)7088 8519 7088152(-999)
1616Sara Lee Corp. (6/29/09)7059682812881364(-79)
1714Dole Food Co. Inc.67797620677984121
1818Unilever North America 6540 66475706652437357
1917Hormel Foods Corp.653467556534343286
2021Cargill Inc. (5/31/09) 6000 550011657933343951
2119Saputo Inc. (3/31/10) 5695 46355538376223
2222Campbell Soup Co. (8/2/09)5630 5732 75867361165
2320Dr Pepper Snapple Group 553157105531555(-312)
2424Hershey Co.5299 5133 5299436311
2523Maple Leaf Foods52225243522252(-37)
2626H.J. Heinz Co. (5/2/10)4622 4587 10495882 938
2730J.M. Smucker Co. (4/30/10)460537584605494266
2833Perdue Farms 3900 34004600NA-PrivateNA-Private
2935Ralcorp Holdings389228243892290168
3029Grupo Bimbo383340208933457537
3131Del Monte Foods (6/10/10)374036273740244172
3232Chiquita34703609347090 (-329)
3334Brown-Forman Corp.322631923226449434
3428Land O’Lakes Inc.(B)3208413610408136160
3525Procter & Gamble Co. 3068485276694269E (food only)477 (food)
3635Agropur Cooperative (11/1/09)29542260295413697
3737Hostess Brands (Formerly Interstate Bakeries) 27002798 2700NA-Private(-144)
3839Flowers Foods Inc.260124152601130119
3938Fortune Brands Inc.247024816695243311
4060Keystone Foods230015006400NA-PrivateNA-Private
4142Constellation Brands (2/28/10)2294 2574 336599(-301)
42Foster Farms2200NA2200NA-PrivateNA-Private
4343Great Lakes Cheese Co. 2200 21002200NA-PrivateNA-Private
4441H.P. Hood Inc.220022002200NA-PrivateNA-Private
4540Rich Products Corp.220024002900NA-PrivateNA-Private
4645Colgate-Palmolive Co.214621461532722911957
47Lala USA (4) 2100 20002100NA-PrivateNA-Private
4846California Dairies Inc. 20602039 3600NANA
4950McCain Foods (6/30/09)199818134692NA-PrivateNA-Private
5048Parmalat Canada188716005500NA-PrivateNA
5153Schreiber Foods Inc. 1800 1750 4000NA-PrivateNA-Private
5254Sanderson Farms17901724179082(-43)
5356Schwan Food Co. 1750 17003530NA-PrivateNA-Private
5447Molson Coors Co.173219204427723391
5559Pinnacle Foods164315561643303(-29)
5655Canada Bread Co.1626147516267353
5752Weston Foods1602179830230117 (food only)126 (food only)
5851Michael Foods1543180415436947
5964McCormick & Co. Inc. (11/30/09)140412763192300256
6056Associated Milk Producers140017001400NA12/30/1899
6160Darigold (3/31/09) 130015001300NA-PrivateNA
6263Seneca Foods Inc. (3/31/09)1280128112804819
6367Riceland Foods127012361270NANA
6470TreeHouse Foods Inc.1264121115128128
6566Leprino Foods 1250 1250 2500NA-PrivateNA-Private
6665Seaboard Corp.12081268360192147
6768American Crystal Sugar Co.120012321200536543
6871American Foods Group LLC (9/30/09)1200120021000NA-PrivateNA-Private
6973The Dannon Co. Inc. 1200 1100 1200NANA
7075J.R. Simplot Co. (8/31/09)120010604400NA-PrivateNA-Private
7172Cott Corp.11741178159782(-123)
7269Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.(9/30/08)115012201150NANA
7358Foremost Farms USA114016171140NANA
7477Hilmar Cheese 1100 10001300NA
7576Wells Dairy Inc.110010171100NA-PrivateNA-Private
7673McKee Foods Corp. 1000 1100 1000 NA-PrivateNA-Private
7777OSI Group 1000 1000 3000NA-PrivateNA-Private
7880Birds Eye Foods Inc. (5)936928936NANA
7983Lance Inc.9188529183618
8084Lancaster Colony Corp.(6/30/09)91080910518938
8179The Hain Celestial Group Inc.8989391135-2539
8285Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. 875 825875NA-PrivateNA-Private
8386Sargento Foods Inc. 750 700 960NA-PrivateNA-Private
8486Lactalis USA Inc./Sorrento 730 70011805NANA
8581Sunkist Growers (10/31/08)72992086069
8649Dairy Farmers of America (B)705NA810066NA
8790Resers Fine Foods 700600 700NA-PrivateNA-Private
8988National Grape Cooperative6736856738172
9189J&J Snack Foods Corp. (9/30/09)6536296534128
92Glanbia USA 600 6502629129148
9399John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.(6/25/09)5545425547(-6)
9496Golden State Foods 550546 4000NA-PrivateNA-Private
9594Gortons Inc. 550 550 550NANA-Private
9693Imperial Sugar Co.523592523(-23)(-21)
97CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley520527520NANA
98Swiss Valley Farms 510 500 510NANA
9982Goya Foods Inc. 505 850 1300NA-PrivateNA-Private
10098B & G Foods Inc.5014875011710