Veev Introduces VitaFrute Ready-Made Cocktails


VitaFrute is the first organic, all-natural, ready-made alcoholic drink. With under 125 calories per serving, VitaFrute offers a guilt-free cocktail, without compromising quality or flavor. The bottles are easy to carry and fit in coolers and picnic baskets, eliminating the need to tote around the tools necessary to create cocktails.

VitaFrute comes in three pre-mixed flavors to suit a variety of tastes:

  • Margarita: Made with all natural lemon and lime juice, agave, premium tequila and VEEV Açaí  Spirit
  • Lemonade: Made with all natural lemon juice, agave, and VEEV Açaí Spirit
  • Cosmopolitan: Made with all natural cranberry juice, a hint of citrus and VEEV Açaí Spirit

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