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Maintenance Initiatives to Build a Safer, More Sustainable World

Learn some of the ways a maintenance department can minimize waste, use more sustainable materials and systems, and use energy more efficiently.

Debunk Plant Myths About Diagnostics

Learn how your existing control systems and analog instruments can deliver diagnostic capabilities, at a fraction of the cost of system or instrument replacements.

Use Motor Management to Cut the Costs of Your Fleet

Sure, the less expensive motor saves money in the short run and keeps you in good graces with the folks in accounting. But, it’s better to know what a motor actually costs during its 20-year or 30-year lifetime. Do you?

The Future of Branding and Marketing

Watch, listen and intuit so your brand remains relevant long-term.

Protecting Your Plant

Ecolab offers the following advice on plant protection to dairy processing plants. You may well find them adaptable to your operation.

Web Seminar: Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy

The Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, associated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, offers a web-based seminar featuring speakers from Bendix Commercial Vehicles, Ernst & Young and the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

VICTREX PEEK Polymer and VICOTE Coating Drive for Improved Part Performance ...

VICTREX PEEK polymer is considered to be the highest performance, melt processable polymer on the market today. Key benefits are: FDA/3A compliant; 200ºC (500ºF) continuous use temperature; Outstanding chemical and steam resistance; Superior wear resistance without lubrication; Survives repeated ...

Interview with an M&M

Diane Toops interviews the sassy, lone female M&M'S character.

Are My M&Ms a Glimpse into the Future?

My M&M’S created new opportunities for personalization at Mars Direct.

Mars Installs New Leader, an Insider, at Wrigley

Company names longtime Wrigley insider Dushan (Duke) Petrovich president.

Is Used Oil Considered a Hazardous Waste?

We’ve assembled a panel of plant operations experts to answer any question you have on plant-floor issues. To pose a question, go to

Interstate Bakeries Readies Its Exit from Bankruptcy Protection

Interstate Bakeries Corp. reached concession agreements with its two largest unions in November that should prevent the Kansas City, Mo., company from being sold off piecemeal and allow it to exit bankruptcy protection any day now.

Pepsi Launches New Logo

Pepsi logo seen as optimistic, geared toward 'millenials'

2011 Processor of the Year H.J. Heinz Co.: 118 years of Modern Technology at ...

Companies that are built to last have a knack for changing with the times while keeping what works. Heinz grew up with the Industrial Age and continues to change with the times.

Vote for Your Favorite R&D Team for 2013

The nominations are in for outstanding product development teams at small, medium and large companies. Cast your vote below.

Infographic: Employment and Establishment Growth by New York City Borough

Data on jobs and establishments in New York City’s five boroughs for 2012 recently became available from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. The data reveal solid growth in jobs and establishments over the last decade in all five boroughs.

Infographic: New York City Patent Reign 1980-2011

According to data collected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, New York City is Tech City, with more patents issued over 30 years than any other city in the United States.

Juice Processors Are Dialing Down Heat on Pasteurization

According to researchers, juice processors can safely reduce energy inputs for secondary pasteurization of frozen and refrigerated juices and other acidic beverages.

MRO Q&A: Cut OEE Costs While Maintaining Efficiencies

A reader asks how to cut costs without decreasing operational efficiencies.

MRO Q&A: Vendor Managed Inventory

A reader is curious about vendor managed inventory in maintenance, and what guidelines to help determine which parts should be considered.

MRO Q&A: Internal Vendors Versus External Vendors

A reader wants to know how to chose internal vendors versus external vendors.

MRO Q&A: What is the Best Practice for Parts Kitting?

A reader wants to know the best practices for kitting parts for jobs at his plant.

MRO Q&A: Utility Company Bites Into Brewery Blips

A reader asks how to handle power blips and restarts the utility company insists is caused by squirrels.

MRO Q&A: What is the true value of competitive bidding?

A reader asks whether or not it is a mistake to dispense with bidding when using the same vendor.

MRO Q&A: Which Maintenance Type is Best for our Equipment?

A reader asks about the difference between reactive, preventative, predictive, condition-based TPM and autonomous maintenance.

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Displaying 4726-4750 of 6216 results