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Drugs contaminate our drinking water

Exciting new frontiers

FDA Commissioner tosses the gauntlet

Fruit trumps cookies … maybe

Functional food sales slowing

Gap between what shoppers say and do

Gut health leading global health claim

Healthy and convenient is the key to R&D

Innovation or cost cutting to drive profits

Jeremy Lin of food products

Keep your hands on the wheel, not the corn on the cob

Mad for Mad Men

Playing the blame game

Repetitive brand names resonate

She likes the way you blog

Significant decline of new product launches

Trends for the next decade

Japanese biotech firm plunges into

New Food Rollout: July 2010

Yummy treats to help beat the heat.

SABMiller, Molson Coors to combine U.S. businesses

SABMiller Plc and Molson Coors Brewing Co. said they have signed a letter of intent to combine the U.S. and Puerto Rican operations of their respective subsidiaries, Miller and Coors, in a joint venture to be called MillerCoors.

Recession-Proof Food and Drink Markets Identified

Market research firm's review of report forecasts uncovers common theme: people are spending less, staying at home more.

Energy Drinks Spike in Sales; Fail With New Customers

According to Mintel research, energy drink manufacturers saw and increase a 136% increase in sales from 2005-2009 but are having a tough time attracting new customers. 74% of those surveyed say they don't consume energy drinks/shots and 69% of those non-users are not interested in trying them.

Green initiatives in the UK

Part of our Green Cover Story series

Milk: Processed to Death?

The U.S. dairy industry is pasteurizing the life out of the milk supply, says one engineer turned 'dairy evangelist.' Could Snowville Creamery's minimal processing approach hold the key to reversing the white stuff's 30-year market decline?

Toops Scoops: The Housewares Show Is a Foodie's Nirvana

Trends – many of which transfer to food – include return to frugality, seeing green, simple and multi-useful for today's consumers.

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Displaying 601-625 of 2038 results