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Solbar USA Inc.

Solbar USA Inc. Solbar Industries Ltd. introduces its Bontex steam-textured soy proteins, which are suitable for use in a broad range of instant snacks, ready / convenience meals and functional health foods.

Priority One Packaging Ltd.

Priority One Packaging Ltd.

LycoRed Corp.

LycoRed Corp

Oriental Solutions Ltd.

The South American grain salba, also known as chia, is the "new ancient supergrain," according to Oriental Solutions Ltd., a Thailand-based company that is marketing this grain.

Gadot Biochemical Ltd.

Gadot Biochemical Ltd. has introduced Gadocal Extreme, a highly soluble calcium designed to provide the best solution for the calcium fortification of syrups and concentrates.

Frutarom Switzerland Ltd.

At the Vitafoods International show in Geneva, Switzerland (May 9-11, 2006), Frutarom will launch EFLA 955 Wild Green Oat Neuravena Special Extract.

Priority One Packaging Ltd.

The FLI Series High Level Palletizers from Priority One are modular in design and available in every configuration to satisfy low-speed and high-speed production lines handling a wide range of cases, crates or shrink-wrapped bundles or trays.

Lipogen Ltd.

Lipogen Ltd. announces its GRAS-approved Lipogen PS (phosphatidylserine) patented product line. Phosphatidylserine is mostly found in brain cells and is involved in numerous functions of neuronal activity.

The Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Co. and Cheetham Salt

The Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Co. produces smooth, flavorful extra virgin olive oil from the Tinara Estate in Victoria.

Trinity Springs Ltd.

The Trinity Enhanced line of flavored, nutrient-fortified water products made its debut at FMI. Available in five flavors, Trinity Enhanced is the only nutrient-enhanced beverage made with pure deep-spring water.

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Displaying 21-30 of 35 results