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Interstate Bakeries Makes a Comeback With Nature’s Pride Bread

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Grain Products & Cereal

Interstate Bakeries

International Flavors & Fragrances

Fresh-squeezed orange flavor captured

WILD Flavors

Colors from Nature proves to be stable, appealing


New vitamin water features antioxidants

Valensa International

Valensa International introduces Tresalbio, a new botanical extract that will allow the producers of nutraceuticals, functional foods and other health-promoting products to deliver premium quality, high functional-density omega-3 fatty acids to consumers.


The Innopouch K series horizontal pouching machine fills and seals pre-made pouches or forms pouches from rollstock for filling and sealing.

Edlong Dairy Flavors

Flavor compounds by nature tend to be extremely volatile and thus readily leave food systems during storage and especially during heat processing or preparation of finished foods. This focus has resulted in a line of products that have proven their ability to withstand high heat during processing.

Acatris, Inc.

A study published recently in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showed a high level of bioavailability for SoyLife, an authorized soy germ isoflavone ingredient, in various food models including juice, chocolate bars and cookies.

The Dow Chemical Company

A widely used food ingredient from The Dow Chemical Company, Methocel hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), has shown promise as a dietary supplement that “may reduce the chances that obese people will develop diabetes and its deadly complications,” according to recent research conducted by the ...

Sentry Equipment Corp.

Sentry Equipment Corp. has purchased the Gustafson Automatic Sampler product line from Bayer CropScience.

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Displaying 21-30 of 32 results